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Food Life Evolution™ Master Classes on WhatsApp

Join us for our Food Life EvolutionClassroom on WhatsApp.WhatsApp

SelfieUpgradeGet Answers, Make Slimming, Diabesity-Defeating Choices, and Give Great Advice in this Food Life Evolution™Classroom on WhatsApp Chat Session.
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The classes are:
1280px-Flag_of_the_United_States.svg US$19 payable through PayPal (below)

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2000px-Flag_of_Trinidad_and_Tobago.svgTT$120 (Message me on 868-371-9338 to arrange payment)
FREE for Registered Food Life Coaching clients 

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Opens Friday, October 12, 2PM


Why does Everyone on a Whole Foods Plant-Based diet look so SLIM and HEALTHY? 

bread class fb bannerOpens Friday, October 19, 2PM

When the conversation about “stop eating bread” comes up again and YOU are the expert on your squad! #goals

Sugar Class.JPG Opens Saturday, October 27, 2PM

OK, eat less sugar, but how much less?  What kind of sugar?  And how will my life be better without it

How Food Life EvolutionClassroom on WhatsApp works:

  • The class chat opens on Day 1 at 2:00 PM EST.
  • Students will be added to the WhatsApp classroom and chat will be open from the start of the live session for questions and comments.
  • Chat will remain open for questions and comments for 24 hours after the class session for those who could not attend live. That way you will still be able to review the lesson, see your classmates’ questions and comments and ask questions.
  • The chat will remain available for review for two more days, then it will be closed.
    This gives you plenty of time to take advantage of the lesson even if you cannot attend live.

Rashida Speaks

October 14, 2018 about food and divine health from a biblical perspective.  Delicious food!

Proof Copies of Free Pants Available for a $10 Donation



Food Life Evolution™ 5 Month Coaching

This private coaching  will change your life!  You can be free from the extra pounds and all of the stress they are causing you.  Let me usher you through as your personal guide.  You will be in your BEST BODY EVER by the December holidays!

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And as promised, here’s the link to the Smart BMI Calculator.  Please click the link and fill in that form so you can get your free Smart BMI assessment.

Smart BMI Calculator Link

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