As a result of my Food Life Coaching, YOU WILL help your child lose weight, lose belly fat, and own a healthier lifestyle themselves – and the same will happen for YOU in the process! I’m looking for parents who are serious about getting out and staying out of that hole for good.

Who do YOU know?

It all needed to go down!

My weight.  

My blood pressure.

the really nourish experience
My daughter Ché and son Judah in August 2015

My blood sugar.

My worries!

My name is Rashida Serrant-Davis.  Here’s a bit of my story: My dad was diagnosed with kidney failure in 2014 and I soon found out that we matched for donation, but I couldn’t qualify to be his donor because I was obese, borderline hypertensive and at high risk for diabetes.  

Then my daughter Ché came home from school with results of her health assessment.

I was shocked to read her results: OVERWEIGHT!!!

So I embarked on a journey to change my life and I brought My kids along on my journey to a better future!  (#Cliffhanger Did she give a kidney?  Is she slim now?  Link to My Story is below.  First, let’s discuss why you came here in the first place!)

In The Really Nourish Experience™, I will share EVERYTHING I DID to overcome the Lifestyle Disease Epidemic in my household!  I am focused on helping YOU help your child lose weight, lose belly fat, and own a healthier lifestyle themselves!

the really nourish experience

You will become a powerful success story that will inspire other parents who are

The Really Nourish Experience™
April 2015, 212 lbs, Size 14 pants

struggling with childhood obesity and lifestyle disease in their households worldwide!

With my kid experience (6 years teaching Sunday School in 2 countries, 2 years in a licensed daycare with an afterschool program, continuing student at the Commonwealth Education Trust) and my pursuit of a Life Coaching Certification from Achology, I am your perfect #TeamMomandKids coach to help you discover and apply real, lifelong solutions to you and your children’s weight. health problems.

The Really Nourish Experience™ is

Personalized Food Life Coaching with Rashida Serrant-Davis,

Achology Certified Life Coach, Teacher, Mother, and Obesity Survivor. 

I have been in that hole.  I know how to get out and stay out. 

Let me show you how to do it!


    • Personalized Family Food Life and Learning Styles Evaluation
    • Assessment Report
    • Free Access to Group Webinars
    • 24 hour access to Rashida via WhatsApp
    • Weekly live coaching sessions with Rashida
    • Nutrition work
    • Monthly in-person coaching sessions, including an interactive cooking demo with Certified Plant-Based Chef Brandy Cochrane
    • Children’s activities tailored to their learning styles
    • Yes, there will be homework…
    • And more!

Let’s have a conversation about where you are now and where you want to be.

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Now, Here’s The Link to My Story (also, you could just scrolled up and clicked “My Story, Vision and Values”, but I didn’t want to spoil it for you!)

You have everything else you want!

You and your children can have healthier lives, too!

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