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The Hole

My Life Coaching instructor, Kain Ramsay, told this story. I love it! It is the perfect illustration of just one of my "whys". The Hole is a great story about helping from the position of sympathy, of committing your life to helping as many people in the world as you can how you got of a hole they are still in and how they can too:

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10 Reasons Why You Should Revolutionize Your Children’s’ Food Lives

No matter where you live, this is a problem that is close to home for you. That said, I knew I could help by sharing with you my 10 reasons why you should revolutionize your children's’ food lives. Here’s your sister in parenthood calling you to action to be a part of the solution starting right in your own home today!

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10 Tactics for Coaching Your Kids to a Healthy Food Life

This is not about pulling teeth to get your kids to eat their vegetables. This is about shifting your kids food life paradigm to a more nourishing one. This major change will shift the trajectory of their lives.