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Food Sovereignty Defined in a Biblical Context

With more than 2 billion Christians worldwide, food sovereignty defined in a biblical context will shed some light on the lost connection between our beliefs and our day-to-day choices.

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Future of Dominica: Prototype for the Future of Planet Earth

Apart from meeting immediate needs, the nation was descimated and needs to be rebuilt, from Marigot to Scott's Head, literally from scratch.  Future of Dominica is the incarnation of a vision of a Dominica rebuilt in this era of Climate Change. 

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Tweet: “Sustainable” Co-opted by Big Food, Time to Go Beyond Organic

EcoWatch writes: When companies like Monsanto and Bayer claim to be "sustainable" and "climate-smart," those terms lose all meaning. When companies like Ben & Jerry's, which relies on an industrial dairy system fueled by GMO crops, claim to be "sustainable," we know that word has been co-opted—and corrupted. Read the EcoWatch article here.