Really Nourish 2018 Charity: Water Campaign
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Really Nourish 2018 Charity: Water Campaign

The Really Nourish Movement’s mission is to end the global food regime, the crisis it has created and the lifestyle disease pandemic it has spawned.  Because clean drinking water is under that regime, we’re launching the Really Nourish 2018 Charity: Water Campaign.  Water is commoditized by powerful corporations the same way food has been, so we are now launching our first effort to contribute to the provision of this basic human right to every man, woman and child on earth.

By the way, this is our 100th blog post since we joined WordPress back in June 2015!  What a great way to celebrate!  Let’s make an impact together!

Please watch this video:

Really Nourish 2018 Charity: Water Campaign
Forthcoming Book: Securing Our Birthright: Clean, Nourishing Food for All People as Ordained by God

Place your $14.99 pre-order for the Securing Our Birthright today and make your donation towards the Really Nourish 2018 Charity: Water Campaign fundraising goal.  Our deadline is March 31, 2018.

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The work Scott Harrison and his Charity: Water team is doing is so important!  Clean water is your God given birthright, just as clean, nourishing food is.  The government leaders that have been entrusted with upholding these popular rights have failed to do so.  It is up to the people, organized into Non Governmental Organizations to take a unified stand against the status quo and secure our birthright organically.  We can do this just by organizing into very simple efforts like gardening, seed saving, digging wells and making each dollar we spend count as a vote for a better future.

Are you on board?


Meet Scott Harrison

Here’s the video that inspired the Really Nourish 2018 Charity: Water Campaign.  Hope you have tissues handy!

We are change makers.  Let’s grow The Really Nourish Movement together so our change making can have a greater impact on mankind.  Let Really Nourish be a part of the legacy you leave when you pass from this life.

Top 10 Really Nourish 2017 Moments

Top 10 Really Nourish 2017 Moments

It’s top 10 time, isn’t it?  Perhaps that’s what prompted me to do a top 10 Really Nourish 2017 moments post, or perhaps it was something deeper…

I haven’t really spent a lot of time reflecting on this past year.  My focus is on the great things coming up in the future.  To me, 2017 was like a 365 day walk through a portal into a future that looks very different from the past.  Really Nourish is set to accelerate now.  From where I stand, 2018 and beyond looks big and bold, lit and amplified, all for the glory of a great God!

Nonetheless, a spot of reflection on the past year can help reveal some milestones that point to the promise of the future ahead.

That said, here are the top 10 Really Nourish 2017 Moments:

10: I wrote Securing Our Birthright.  I actually finished a full manuscript for a book.  This was definitely inspired by God because it happened so fast and so fluently.  It brings together the steps I took and continue to take toward first getting into and then maintaining excellent health, what I learned in the natural about why the steps I took worked, and an in-depth study of what the word of God has to say about it all.  Pre-order your copy today and get a sneak peak download to enjoy while you wait!

9: I got pregnant with my 3rd child.  This is more significant than it sounds.  It happened

Top 10 Really Nourish 2017 Moments
Christmas Day, 8 Months In!

just over a year after I donated a kidney and two years into my new Really Nourish Food Life.  Just like with the transplant, the pregnancy provided more opportunities than usual to get my stats – weight, blood pressure and blood sugar.  Click here to see my first annual accountability report so you can see how well I am doing.  Thanks be to God!

8: Really Nourish presented its first webinar!  I’m so grateful to my Pastor and my church, Guiaco Pentecostal Church in Sangre Grande, Trinidad, for being so supportive.  My wifi at home was down so they allowed me to conduct the webinar from church on a Thursday morning.  To God be the glory!  Also, again, and as always, much gratitude is due to Cathy Fyock who helped me make this happen.  I look forward to doing much more work with her!  Click here to see the replay.

7: My prayer for mentors was finally answered with not one, not two, but FOUR phenomenal women who have become so valuable to me.  This is my chance to honor them all.

  1. Reverend Lilleth Harper, wife of Bishop Warren Harper of Guiaco Pentecostal Church.  She is the Missions Director and not only has she helped bring out and nurture the evangelist in me, but she pushes me to aspire for greater excellence in all that I do, to see knowledge and be a helper to my husband from a position of strength.
  2. Sister Natasha Passie, bible school intern.  She is the discipleship teacher at Guiaco Pentecostal Church.  Natasha took me under her wing and has taught me so much more about God’s word in practical application in my life.  She has also been a source of great support in times of trial.  Particularly in times when God has shown me plans and I couldn’t see means to accomplish them, she was there with both prayer and help!  She embodies true agape like very few others I’ve met in my life.
  3. Sister Cathy Fyock, the Business Book Strategist.  After watching a webinar she conducted on the Author Learning Center website, I took advantage of a free strategy session she offered.  I was facing some difficult circumstances at the time.  She has taught me so much so far about marketing myself and my book by faith.  What she has given me already has been of such amazing value, and I’m already grateful for the wisdom she will share with me going forward.  She’s selfless and beautiful and blessed and I love her.  Join her mailing list today!
  4. Sister Jenn Baxter, Live a F.A.S.T. Life.  Sister Cathy introduced us electronically recently.  Although we’ve only known each other for a little over a month, she is much further along than I am with her movement.  She delivers high value content to a well populated mailing list (you should join today) and her book just dropped on (you should buy it).  I’m already learning so much from her!  I look forward to working with her and learning much more in the coming years.

Thanks God for mentors!  Thanks to each of these amazing women for what they have contributed to my life and my work!

6: Really Nourish went into the affiliate business!  We are affiliates now with and Thrive Market.  This is a new revenue stream that will help finance the work and grow the movement.  Your support is so essential.  By using our links to Shop and Join Thrive Market, you swing us a percentage of your purchases without having to put out any money you weren’t already going to spend.  Many thanks for your continued support!

5: We launched a very Pinterest-worthy Faith Garden.  “Ah what?” you ask?  Just click to see what it’s all about.

4: I finally zeroed in on the perfect tagline for Really Nourish: Christian Food Activism.  Yes, it’s a thing, because through me, God made it a thing.   See my post about that here.

3: We launched our first prayer devotional.  If you haven’t already, have a look here and sign up so you can get it in your inbox automatically for the next 8 days.  It could be a great start to 2018 for you!

2: Our video content has truly evolved.  While we enjoy doing the GoAnimate videos and will do more in the future, we are now expanding into some thicker content that provides more meat (in the King James sense) for your brain to feast on.  Check out our YouTube channel to see some of our latest videos.  Please share them on your social media accounts, too!

1: I took some very important spiritual steps this year.  In April, I finally got water baptized at Manzanilla Beach.  In November, I embarked upon the Evangelism Explosion and Pre-Field Missions training programs.  These both occurred in spite of great difficulty, as I deepen my commitment to God’s Kingdom Business.

It is with this commitment in my heart that I step boldly into 2018 ready to give birth both physically and spiritually to all of what the Lord has revealed to me as my purpose. Thank you for being a part of the top 10 Really Nourish moments of 2017!  To my husband and my children, I thank you so much for being my motivation and support on this journey.  To my church, Guiaco Pentecostal, I thank you for the spiritual and physical food and support that you have lavished upon my family.  There should be more churches like this in the world!  To my readers, I thank you for taking the time to read my posts, to like, to comment and to share.  I look forward to huge growth for 2018 and beyond with you!


Book Review: Hungry for Change - Farmers, Food Justice and The Agrarian Question
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Book Review: Hungry For Change – Farmers, Food Justice and the Agrarian Question

Book Review: Hungry For Change – Farmers, Food Justice and the Agrarian Question by A. Haroon Akram-Lodhi,

At the moment, I’m completely convinced that God even orders my reading list for me!  As a Christian Food Activist, that shouldn’t be surprising, but His wonders never cease and they never get old or boring.  I found this at Nalis Sangre Grande, which is the National Library and Information Service – aka the Trinidadian Public Library, Sangre Grande Branch.

Book Review: Hungry for Change - Farmers, Food Justice and The Agrarian Question
This is a MUST READ

Even if you don’t yet consider yourself a change maker or a Christian Food Activist, this book will resonate with you one way or another, because, bottom line: you eat food.  It will explain some things that you may have thought strange, even some things you may have come to accept as normal but still know in your heart just aren’t right.

Akram-Lodhi presents the complex global food system in a very palatable way (pun intended).  He breaks it down to components that involve pretty much every stratum of the world’s society by personalizing each.  He presents profiles of real human beings, largely enduring circumstances that they, like you, have come to accept as normal, but have no way of explaining in any way that makes what their going through appear to be just.

People with names and struggles and families to feed.  His descriptions are skillful.  I could picture each and every one in my mind, and my heart wept for them all.  Indeed, my heart weeps for all of us.  We are all in this system one way or another, and the system is indeed badly broken.

If You Eat, Buy This Book!

You can get Hungry for Change on for around US$27.00.  This is definitely a volume for your library.  You will reference it from time to time while the system endures.  Perhaps in 5-10 years, it will be fascinating to look back on how things were after we bring the change!

Reading this book inspired me to create this video.  The video is not a synopsis of the book, but it will awaken and inform you.  Check it out!

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Securing Our Birthright: Webinar

In case you missed the Webinar:

Securing Our Birthright – 8 Steps to Revolutionize Your Food Life and Change The World

Here it is.  You can pause as you go and take notes, and please feel free to post questions in the comments section below as you wish.  Also, I’d love your feedback.  Thanks for watching!


Click This Link to Pre-Order The Book and get your great free offers while you wait!

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Securing Our Birthright: Webinar
Forthcoming Book: Securing Our Birthright: Clean, Healthy Food for All People as Ordained by God




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Christian Food Activism: Yes, It’s a Thing

What prompted me to write an article called Christian Food Activism: Yes, It’s a Thing? Well, first let’s consider this question: What is this concept, Christian Food Activism?  I realized in my prayer time (thank you Holy Spirit) that this is the lovely, succinct word package that describes what Really Nourish is all about.

There was a time when I was shy about my Christianity, but the more I dug into the scriptures, the more I realized how vital it is to be unashamed of the gospel of peace (Romans 1:16) and how relevant the word of God is in the war for food sovereignty.  Now the mission is clear.  Have a peek at my Share the Mission page for a deeper look into this.

Christian Food Activism
Label from Goya Sazon. Did you know that it contains Yellow 5 & Red 40, both known to negatively affect human reproductive function?

What Makes Christian Food Activism Unique and Necessary?

Lots of food activism is happening, and this is vital.  But, as I discuss in my forthcoming book, Securing Our Birthright, Christians in general appear to be oblivious of the role they play.  They personally contribute to both their own health issues and those of their families, and the global food sovereignty shift.  All they need is the enlightenment through scripture to be #woke.  In Hosea 4:6 Jehovah laments that His people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.  He specifically spoke of their lack of knowledge of His word, and often we apply this to knowledge of this world.  That isn’t completely off base, but indeed, we are witnessing the destruction of the body of Christ and the world at large for lack of knowledge of His word on food as a complex sociopolitical subject on both personal and international levels.

Why Not Just Food Activism?  Why the Christian Focus?

Here are some reasons why the body of Christ is so potentially powerful:

  1. Numbers – no, not the book, the statistics.  There are more than 2 billion Christians worldwide.  That is more than 25% of the world’s current population.  If every one of them could receive ministry in Christian Food Activism, everything would change.  I believe if even 50% of Christians changed their food purchasing patterns based on biblical principles, it would reshape the entire world food economy within weeks.
  2. Evangelism – In our faith, each and every one of us is mandated to spread the gospel of peace.  This way, our numbers should continue to grow exponentially.  The bigger the body of Christ, the greater we can corporally impact the world food system.
  3. Unified Standards – We all read the same holy bible, and so we are all lead by the same scriptural truths.  The goal of Really Nourish is to lay out those truths in a way that is hard to deny.  More Christians get serious about involving God in this area of their lives means more security for our birthright – the food God gave us as His first love gift to mankind and the animal kingdom.  That’s the goal!

The bible has a whole lot to say about all of the modern food crisis issues.  Numerous scriptures, whether it’s cautionary proverbs about deception in food and over indulging, specific instructions pointing to the diet-health connection or prophecies about what is happening now, speak God’s word on this topic.  The Christian community has not addressed this from that standpoint.  This is the fire God has called me to ignite.

Christian Food Activism
Post is a subsidiary of Monsanto, one of the 6 corporations on the other side of the war for #FoodSovereignty

Christian Food Activism: Yes, It’s a Thing

So yes, Christian Food Activism is a thing.  Now here’s a disturbing truth in two simple parts:

  • Everyone who eats is in the war for food sovereignty worldwide.
  • Depending on what food choices you make every time you eat, you are choosing which side of the cause you are on.  There is NO MIDDLE GROUND.

Really Nourish will help you stand on the right side.

Peace and Blessings to you!