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The Mission of the Movement

To unify and motivate the wide range of voices that are speaking out for and working toward the goal of RECLAIMING OUR FOOD SOVEREIGNTY by:

  1. Educating people about food as it was, is now, and should beNourish Collage #1
  2. Collaborating with activists from all facets of The Food Revolution.
  3. Organizing major efforts to achieve goals.

The Vision of the Movement

  1. Teach and unify the body of Christ under God’s word as pertains to personal nourishment and universal food issues. Support houses of worship of all-faiths. Picture:
    1. Outdoor Worship Services among the church’s crops.
    2. Serve in Nourishment Ministry as a member of ministry of Helps in your congregation.
    3. 100% Organic and Non-GMO Food Pantries and Salad Kitchens in every house of worship.
  2. Identify Food Deserts across America and finance a replanting of every available space to organic, non-GMO crops.  Picture food growing EVERYWHERE!
    1. Two varieties of Thyme and Greek Oregano in the NYC Summer Terrace Garden.
      Two varieties of Thyme and Greek Oregano in the NYC Summer Terrace Garden.

      Empty lots and EVERY terrace and backyard become Urban Gardens

    2. Public parks & playgrounds become Garden Domains
    3. School yards become Edible Play & Grow Yards
    4. School and municipal building rooftops become Green Roofs flourishing with food
    5. Every lawn and backyard in the developed world re-landscaped to contribute to Cooperatively Feeding Their Neighborhoods
  3. Provide Schools better food funding and sourcing alternatives.  Picture:
    1. Free organic, nutrient rich food for every child every day including daycare. 
    2. Nourishment classes from K-12 connected to school gardens and feeding programs

      Free nutrient-rich food and nutrition education for all children
      Free nutrient-rich food and nutrition education for all children
    3. Food history classes
    4. Food packages for every child to take home each weekend
    5. Food education vouchers and programs for home schoolers
  4. Sponsor and publicize Physicians who prescribe dietary healing over pharmaceuticals.  Picture:
    1. Natural Physician’s Network – Really Healing!
    2. Physician-lead Nutrition Education for Adults
    3. Awards and Recognition for Natural Physicians
  5. Lead political activities in support of real nourishment. Vote at the CheckoutPicture:
    1. Boycotts
    2. Collaboration with Lawmakers
    3. Marches and Protests
    4. Advertising campaigns
  6. Support Countries that are focused on protecting their citizens from GMOs and agrochemicals through groundbreaking legislation. Picture:
    1. Entire regions of the world unified to ban harmful products and practices
    2. Repurposing Land for crops across entire nations
    3. International Collaboration to make sure every human being has good food to eat ALL THE TIME

Our Values

Rashida Fitzgerald-Davis The Really Nourish MovementWe provide education and support for initiatives related to our mission and vision without discrimination on any basis.  Our priority is to uphold the food rights of the individual human being. We are honest in all endeavors and we will abide by the law to the greatest extent that we can until, in some cases, we can change the laws.  We refrain from generally recognized profanities in all written and spoken communication, and while we speak primarily from the platform of the Holy Bible, the issues we address affect everyone.  We will be transparent about the use of all funds we raise in donations.  We  will cooperate with and support people of all faiths as well as those who do consider themselves as belonging to a religion or faith and/or do not believe in God.  Love is Universal.








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