Really Nourish Mission Statement, Vision and Values

Really Nourish Mission

To eradicate diabesity worldwide: Our work is designed to bring rates of obesity, diabetes and all related symptoms and diseases to zero by 2050.  We achieve this by teaching and guiding our fellow man through an evolution in their food life. 

To restore food sovereignty to the world commons: We work to dismantle the global food regime by participating in empowering and inspiring all of mankind to engage in activities that support the goal of reclaiming our food sovereignty. 

To end the food insecurity and starvation that occurs worldwide as a result of the global food regime.

To make thousands of disciples along the way: Our work consistently includes evangelism as our answer to the call of the Great Commission. 

  1. Educating people about food as it was, is now, and should be according to the word of GodReally Nourish Christian Food Activism
  2. Collaborating with activists and charities from all facets of Food and Water Activism.
  3. Organizing efforts to achieve goals from various angles.

Really Nourish Vision:

Really Nourish becomes a hub for food and water activists from every aspect of the issue.  We end the fragmentation that exists on this side of the war.  The Christian Community worldwide mobilizes in Food Activism as an act of faith and obedience to the greatest commandment.  We change lives for the better for everyone affected by the vagaries of the global food regime and its offspring, the lifestyle disease pandemic.  We redefine the modern global food system by reclaiming food from the soil to the table. 

  1. Teach and unify the body of Christ under God’s word as pertains to personal nourishment and universal food issues. Some upcoming efforts include:
    1. Securing Our Birthright book coming out in 2018 on Westbow Press.  This is now the venue for our Charity: Water Campaign.  We are raising funds through the pre-sale of the book to help build wells and provide clean water to the many people who don’t have it.
    2. The Food Life Evolution Program is a process whose design is based on the personal journey of our founder, Rashida V. Serrant-Davis that will assist clients in evolving their eating and living patterns to bring their bodies in line with God’s will for optimal health and wellness.
    3. Pan-Caribbean Seed and Bush Depository starting small as a seed catalog in the community of Sangre Grande Trinidad with plans for expansion across the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, then across the Caribbean region, mainly housed in the Commonwealth of Dominica.
    4. Blog Posts on This Website covering a range of issues in the food crisis.
    5. Provide more Multi-Lingual content
  2. Eliminate Food Deserts worldwide. 
    1. Two varieties of Thyme and Greek Oregano in the NYC Summer Terrace Garden.
      Two varieties of Thyme and Greek Oregano in the NYC Summer Terrace Garden.

      Promote and support the efforts of Urban Gardening.

    2. Collaborating with Thrive Market to increase access to affordable organic and non-gmo food and other sustainable products to everybody.
    3. School yards become Edible Play & Grow Yards
    4. Promoting home gardening and similar ideas like Green Roofs and Faith-Based Ministry Gardens. 
    5. Creating a worldwide community of support and corporate prayer on Christian Food Activism issues in collaboration with Christian ministries.

Really Nourish Values

Really Nourish Christian Food ActivismWe provide education and support for initiatives related to our mission and vision without discrimination on any basis.  Our priority is to uphold the food rights of the individual human being and the collective world community. We are honest in all endeavors and we will abide by the law to the greatest extent that we can until, in some cases, we can change the laws.  We refrain from generally recognized profanities in all written and spoken communication, and while we speak primarily from the platform of the Holy Bible, the issues we address affect everyone.  We will be transparent about the use of all funds we raise in donations and affiliate marketing.  We  will cooperate with and support people of all faiths as well as those who do not believe in God. 

How we spend any money we receive:

First and foremost, we sow into the Kingdom in obedience to God’s financial plan.  As such, we donate at least 15% of all our increase to Christian ministries.  At present, we support Chris Burge Ministries in the US and Guaico Pentecostal Church in Trinidad and Tobago.

Also, we have small administrative costs, including fees charged by (through which we are pre-selling our book, Securing Our Birthright) and,’s annual fee for this website and paying annually for our URL.  These costs will grow as we grow into some shared office space as needed, printed promotional materials as leaders of the movement start branching out on speaking engagements, book tours and bigger projects and, eventually, we will have to pay salaries, but our goal is that no more than another 30% of what you contribute in membership contributions, affiliate support and book and future merchandise purchases will go to that.

The remaining 60% will go into executing projects.

Current projects include:

  • Self-publishing Securing Our Birthright (as a new author, I needed to self publish this first one).
  • Continuing to expand the Faith Garden and the Seed Catalog that are the infancy stage of larger future projects down the pipeline.
  • Preparing for the launch of Food Life Evolution.

You will see in our Vision (above) how much we can do together to bring change in our personal lives and to the world around us!  

This is why your support is so important.  Feel free to bounce back to our homepage to pick a way you can support your tribe.  Again, and as always, many thanks!

Clean, nourishing food is EVERYBODY’S God given birthright. 

Vote with your dollars!  Thrive and help others thrive too!

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