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Securing Our Birthright the Book (Westbow Press) is a forthcoming book by author Rashida V. Serrant-Davis.  Get a pre-release look and pre-order your print copy TODAY! This is the ultimate Christian Food Activism Handbook! 

How Securing Our Birthright the Book Will Bless You and Those Around You

We are all coming into the realization that what you eat can affect your health for better or for worse.  As believers, we also know that the Holy Bible is our go-to for all our answers, and yet, we don’t heed the advice in the scriptures.  In conflict with this sad fact, we are bombarded with sound bites and dubious advice about diet and health from

Don't Just Eat
Forthcoming Book: Securing Our Birthright: Clean, Nourishing Food for All People as Ordained by God

the media, our own doctors, the medical community at large and science.  The Bible is our only source of truth.  Only by measuring every one of those darts up against the Word of Truth will we know which ones to believe and which to discard as thinly veiled marketing or sensationalist misinformation.  

First Corinthians 10:31 tells us that whether we eat or drink, whatever we do, we should do all for the glory of God.  Your longevity, optimal health at every stage of your life and testimony of healing that can only be attributed to Him gives him Glory.  Securing Our Birthright is your guide to finding the voice of God in all of the noise so you can make properly informed choices to achieve that goal.  

Securing Our Birthright Chapters

Introduction: My Journey Began With a Prayer

  1. Our Birthright: Clean,, Nourishing Food Was God’s First Gift to Man and Animals
  2. Menu Expansion: When God Condoned Carnivory, Man Went H.A.M. (Hard as a Moabite)
  3. The Great Deception: How Delicacies Became Daily Bread
  4. Obesity is Not in God’s Original Design for Man. It’s a Disease.
  5. Trust in the Lord with All Your Heart, Question Everyone Else
  6. What Does the Bible Say About Veganism?
  7. Obedience in Food Choices vs. Biblical Wisdom Applied
  8. Discussing GMOs in a Biblical Context
  9. Discussing Organic Food in a Biblical Context: Re-establishing the True Convention
  10. Everything Created by God is Good: Answering Rebuttals to the Arguments for Food Vigilance
  11. Prayers for Soil, Seed, Plants, Farmers, and Food
  12. Ministry of Works in Food: 10 Ideas to Mobilize YOUR Ministry to Be Part of the Solution

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Fun Fact: The inspiration for the cover art comes from Genesis 1:28-29.  What you see from top to bottom are herb yielding seed, fruit from trees with seed in it of its own kind, and every green leaf.  Get it?  Good!  #DontJustEat #ChristianFoodActivism #FoodSovereignty

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