“Don’t Just Eat…”

… Really Nourish Yourself

Do you not know that your bodies are temples… 1 Corinthians 6:19

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Why Christian Food Activism?

Food was once survival.  It was our nourishment and our medicine.  In these times, food has become a by product of itself.  Much of what is marketed to us is not food as it should be and we have little control over what defines food and what is available to us.  It is tainted with agro-chemicalsmanipulated, processed, refined and stripped of nutrients, and it’s only job is to create a feeling.

That is not food.  Eat only those products, and still starve, because although you are “full”, you have had none of the nutrients you need to sustain a healthy, happy body.  The feeling it creates is good for a moment, but the after glow wears off and you are stuckfat, malnourished, sick and sad.

Really Nourish empowers YOU to reclaim your Food Sovereignty through the vehicle of Christian Food Activism.  Really Nourish speaks for real food.  The Bible says that God will satisfy his children with long life.  The way you eat and treat your body will determine not only the length, but the quality of the life you live.  In the US, legislators don’t seem to care about that.

Don't Just Eat... Really Nourish Yourself!
My 6 Year Old Daughter Ché picking tomatoes in our NYC terrace garden

Their interest is instead the millions of dollars that are involved in the global “food” regime and the inextricably linked health care, pharmaceutical and biotech corporations who use chemical weapons of mass destruction to wage war on soil, plants, and ultimately, human beings.

It’s up to us to educate ourselves and everyone we know, because clean, nourishing food is our God given birthright.  Everyone has a right to have it for FREE in abundance, so we need to make radical changes the way it is sown, grown and distributed.

Help YOURSELF by improving your body and your life

And help the world by using your new Food Life to bless the people around you!

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    1. I agree. God created a simple diet for us. We waste so much time and money to find the “right one.” This is great information. Thank you for illuminating God’s food plan. This is great information.

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