Really Nourish: My Story

Here is My Story

In 2014, I was obese

at 212 lbs, with borderline hypertension and a very high chance of developing Type 2 Diabetes. In May 2018, less than 4 months after having my third child, I was 145 lbs, with

The Really Nourish Experience™
April 2015, 212lbs, Size 14 pants

consistently normal blood pressure and blood sugar levels and an hourglass figure.

Me, Rashida Serrant-Davis, who had been chunky, chubby, curvy, thick, “healthy”, whatever you call it, since she was 8 years old, now living in a size 6 body after 3 children and over the age of 40… 

How did I accomplish this seemingly impossible feat???

What started my journey to a better body was my motivation to donate a kidney to my father. That’s him in the picture with me. We were at a living donor ceremony together after our surgery.

At first, the hospital didn’t want to consider me as a potential kidney donor because I was in such poor shape! But once I learned that we were a perfect blood match, I sought God’s word for a solution to the body problems. I found it!

It wasn’t a diet. It wasn’t eliminating just one thing. It was a complete lifestyle makeover in the area of food, which I realized encompassed more than simply “what I eat”. 

Motivation to change my dad’s life changed my story

Once the kidney transplant operation was done, I was focused on learning exactly what it was that got me on the road out of Obeseland, through Overweight Village and into Normal Weight Nation. It was more like an evolution – a gradual change in my entire way of life concerning food and eating.

I learned why all the steps I took worked, and now, at the request of many friends and relatives, I’m ready to help other people do what I did. Oh, did I mention I also guided my kids along on my journey???

My daughter was 6 around that time (she will be 11 this year), and she’s a child of divorce so hDon't Just situation came with challenges.  My first son, Judah, was just one year old (he will soon be 6).  And now, there’s Benjamin, who’s first birthday just passed.  He’s my first Really Nourish baby – I was already living my new lifestyle during his pregnancy, so I’m seeing how well that worked already! 

This child coaching part is key, because childhood obesity is on the rise, so clearly the world needs a real solution.  God gave me one!  

We are a team, so I want to coach parent-child teams to collaboratively change their Food Life and eradicate lifestyle disease from their households.  So I created The Really Nourish Experience™ as my way of helping your family share my family’s victory!  

First stop: Trinidad and Tobago, one of the top 3 obese nations in Latin America.
Next stop: The world.

Really Nourish Vision and Mission

To eradicate the global lifestyle disease pandemic by the year 2050: My work is focused on bringing rates of obesity, diabetes and all related symptoms and diseases to near zero by 2050.  We achieve this by teaching and guiding our fellow man through an evolution in their food life.

To restore food sovereignty to the world commons: I will work to dismantle the global food regime by participating in empowering and inspiring all of mankind to engage in activities that support the goal of reclaiming our food sovereignty. 

To end the food insecurity and starvation that occurs worldwide as a result of the global food regime.

To make disciples along the way: My work consistently includes evangelism as our answer to the call of the Great Commission.

7 Really Nourish Core Values

Really Nourish
  1. God First: Whether you eat or drink, whatever you do, do all for the glory of God.  1 Corinthians 10:31
  2. Your Birthright: Clean, nourishing food is the God-given birthright of every man, woman and child on Earth.

3. The Temple: Your body is a temple. Never throw trash in the temple.

Really Nourish

4. Food is Fuel: Nourishment (effective fuel) is the primary purpose of food, not filler, taste bud satisfaction, or emotional comfort

Really Nourish

5. Train Your Children: Parents are the primary teachers responsible for training children in food life education and we need to be intentional and proactive about this.  Anything less raises children’s risk for lifestyle disease and is negligence.

Really Nourish
Really Nourish
Really Nourish

6. Self Care Before Sick Care: We are our first line of responsibility for prevention of, defense against, and resolution of lifestyle disease, not doctors, medical institutions or pharmaceutical drugs. Parents are the first line of responsibility in this for our children.
7. Reskilling (aka Fully Loaded): You are fully loaded, equipped with all we need to live a healthy life free from lifestyle disease.  If skills have been lost, we can and should get them back and pass them down to future generations.

Clean, nourishing food is YOUR God given birthright. “

– Rashida Serrant-Davis, 2017
Really Nourish Christian Food Activism

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