Really Nourish Faith Garden: By Any Means Necessary
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Faith Garden: By Any Means Necessary

Well, maybe not by any means, but I write this post: Faith Garden: By Any Means Necessary because in spite of all the changes I have endured in terms of the roof over my head, I will find a way to grow some food.  At the moment, all I  have around my apartment door is concrete.  Nonetheless, a garden now grows.

Take that, 2017!  You tried to knock me down but you couldn’t.  I’m a Genesis 1 Daughter of The Soil no matter what.  So I prayed for a way.  Little by little the answer came and now I present my Urban Faith Garden in the Trinidadian countryside.


Like I said, Faith Garden: By Any Means Necessary

After we lost our bed in a fire this year, we were given this old rusty cot to use until we were able to buy a new one.  Once we did, we had no place to put the cot.  It sat in our apartment for a couple of months, and I was begrudged to look at it day in and day out.  This did not seem to bother my husband, who used it to hang the most recently removed sweaty shirt or wet bath towel on it.  I said numerous times “I want this out of my house”.  And indeed I got what I asked for, but God’s plan was better than mine!

Faith Garden: By Any Means Necessary
Really Nourish Faith Garden: Upcycled Cot and Recycled Water Bottles

So here’s the cot.  As soon as a friend started talking to me about using water bottles to make a garden, the cot came to mind as the perfect venue.  She had suggested I use the fence outside my home.  I can imagine this will grow and we will need that fence before too long.  Nonetheless, I thought first how much I’d like to make this a full-on recycle-upcycle project, while clearing the large piece of debris out of my home. Another cool feature about this garden is that it is on wheels, so I can shift it and turn it for whatever reasons – sunlight for plants, catch a rain shower, move it away from the wall to paint…

What’s Growing

I was given a little selection of plants and a window box pot.  There’s pimento peppers, bodie (a long, green string bean that is very popular in Trinidad) and ochro (aka okra) in that.  Along the front up top we are regrowing spring onions (aka scallions, locally known here as cive), chandon beni (aka culantro) and mint.  We have two larger-leaved varieties of thyme and some Jamaican mint.  We seeded one row of bottle-pots with organic salad blend seeds, and one bottle that once held coconut oil with some sugar daddy snap peas.


Prepping the Bottles


Faith Garden: By Any Means Necessary
I heated a screw driver up on the stove. I did this while cooking so as not to waste gas.
  1. This screwdriver has a set of changeable bits that go into the top.  I used a small hexagon-shaped head.
  2. I used this to get nice even holes in the bottoms of the bottles, as well as a couple of holes one either side about a 1/4 inch from the lip of the cut open edge to pass the strings through.Faith Garden: By Any Means Necessary
  3. Stringing them up first made it easy to work with my pregnant belly limiting my ability to bend down.  I scooped some soil into each bottle and, dangling it by the strings, I tapped the planter on the ground gently several times to compact the soil a bit.  Then I topped up if needed and either stuck in plants and bulbs or set seeds.


Updates to come, so subscribe or join the mailing list so you don’t miss anything!  Also, please pray along with us for success.  What does “success” mean for the Really Nourish Faith Garden, you ask?

As far as Really Nourish is concerned, success is that we grow more than enough food for our needs.  We will share the overflow with our neighbors!

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Dirty Food Is Cheap: A Call To Action

Dirty Food is Cheap: A Call To Action

Dirty Food is Cheap: A Call To Action.  If you eat, you are in the war for #FoodSovereignty for all mankind. Watch NOW.

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Pray for the Plant Kingdom

Prayer for The Plant Kingdom
Why do we need to pray for the Plant Kingdom?
Dominion is a big responsibility. God does not make mistakes, so we know that His choice to put us in charge was the right one. Now, here we are, falling down on the job.

It is easy to dismiss the needs of plants, because although they are living beings, they aren’t sentient ones. They just exist to supply human beings… thus the imperative to care well for them. God gave them to us to be pleasing to look at and good for food (Genesis 2:9). For them to continue to be able to do that, we must care for them diligently. If we neglect them, they will not be able to serve their purpose in our lives. Therefore, there exists a symbiosis between man and plants: they need us, but also, we need them.

Man, with his hard heart, has always had an inclination towards conquest of that which is weaker. Plants, from the tallest trees in the world down to the smallest dandelions in your front yard, have become a favorite target. Man has declared war on them. Our job was to steward them, but because there are those of them for whom we could not fully understand their existence and purpose, we justify destroying them to eliminate them from where we have decided we do not want them to exist any longer. We shot first and we asked questions later.

When we did start really asking the questions, we started to get some answers.

What was the purpose of all those trees, we asked, that are occupying so much land that we could use to raise livestock? Their purposes, we discovered, was to provide much needed carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, provide an ecosystem for countless animal species, and be a source of healing natural medicines for mankind, among others.

I always loved dandelions! They are pretty, and also nutritious!

Caution to man: if you continue to cut down the Amazon, you will cause damage to this world. We asked more questions. We even discovered that those dandelions fit both of God’s plant criteria from Genesis 2:9. They are both pleasing to look at and good for food!

Nonetheless, the war rages on, and we are systematically losing. From the perspective of the small group of people for whom the continuance of this war is a matter of profit and loss, we are winning and positioned to continue to win. As far as the rest of mankind is concerned, we are losing biodiversity, we are losing nutrition sources and natural healing resources and , as a result, we are losing the wellness we were ordained to have in this life on earth. Indeed, our prayer does not need to ask for God’s care over them. He does that already. Our prayer is to end the war that has been waged against them so that they can recover and fill the earth again as they should.

Prayer for the Plant Kingdom
To you, Jehovah Nissi, our banner of victory in times of warfare, be the glory and all the honor. We thank you, great Jehovah Jireh, for all that You have provided us from the beginning of our existence to this very day, and all that You will provide us forever.

We come to you in prayer for Your intervention in the war that is being waged against the plants You created and gave us for our food, our medicine and our pleasure. We pray for them because they cannot pray for themselves, and we pray that You protect them as only You can because we need them for so many reasons to sustain the quality of life that You, Our Loving Father, want us to have on earth.

We come against the corporations that continue to produce plant killing poisons for profit and we pray that You intervene and stop them from their evil works. We pray that You send Your ministering angels to speak to the hearts of the leaders of those industries, for only You know how to speak to the hearts of men.

We come against the ranchers that are continuing to cut down the Amazon rainforest You painstakingly created. They do this to serve their money god, but You are the only true God and we know You can bring an end to their evil works.

We pray for the protection of the remaining plants on earth. We pray that You cover them in the blood of Jesus so they may live and proliferate in the biodiversity that You

Judah the Gardener Really Nourish
Judah is learning how to plant and grow bulbs using cuttings of cive (scallion/spring onion/green onion). Recycled water bottle as planter.

created. We pray for abundance in every urban garden, organic farm, kitchen and home garden, and every acre of jungle, forest, prairie, woodland and bush land that has not yet been attacked. We pray Father that You protect them from any future attacks. We pray that every soul on earth be inspired to plant, grow and seek out clean, nourishing food just as You gave Adam to do in Eden, for we know that is how You want us to live and we know that when Jesus returns, this is how we will live in the New Jerusalem.  Also, we pray that You inspire parents to teach their children the importance of plants and gardening as they train them up in the way that they should go.

Father, we know that once all this plant killing stops, that Your creation will reclaim the earth and the plants we thought were lost forever will return. We know the plant kingdom will flourish again despite all of mankind’s foolish attempts to subdue it. You set the original seeds, and our faith rests fully in You.

We ask, we believe, we receive, in the majestic name of Jesus. Amen

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Prayer for Our Soil

Prayer is our most powerful weapon against every assault that comes at us.  Let’s face it: it was weapons of warfare that were “reformulated” for use in agriculture, and with names like Round Up, Ambush, Assail and Sniper, the war has just shifted from the jungles of Vietnam to crop fields all over the world.  The underlying axiom is that soil is a non-living thing that can be used and used up, manipulated, and poisoned with no consequences.  While there is some truth to that – the soil itself, the grains of rock and minerals are indeed non-living, the soil supports a rich panoply of life that coexists, a minute community of organisms that all function to support plants in every possible way, from earthworms that aerate the soil for roots and create humus from bio-waste to microbes that assist roots in water absorption.  They are vital.

The practices of monoculture farming (that is, planting only one crop in an area and considering any other plant an intruder in that space), chemical use to kill insects and weeds in the planted area, and Genetically Meddling Obscenely with seeds (also known as genetically modified organisms or GMOs) all consequently cause the eradication of soil life.  Land becomes fallow, as if raped and left for dead, and we suffer because year after year we have more desserts and less lively soil to grow healthy food in.

The weapons of our warfare are not carnal.  Satan’s hand in this soil destruction is evident.  His trademarks of greed, control, dishonesty and distortion or withholding of information that we, the victims of these war crimes are indeed entitled to, are clear evidence of his influence over the people and their corporations who perpetrate these crimes.  Therefore, I call you to prayer, because Jesus said if two or more are on earth in agreement about anything we ask for, it will be done for us by His Father (Matthew 18:19).

Please share this with every praying person you know.  I will post a French translation, please feel free to translate it into your native tongue as well as we get this prayer out.  More prayers to follow.  Thank you for joining and agreeing in prayer with me for the reclaiming and healing of our soil.

Prayer for Our Soil

Father God, you said in Genesis 2:7 that you formed us out of the soil, and so we pray

Prayer for Our Soil by Rashida Serrant-Davis,
Say this prayer please and share it with all the praying people you know. Thank you.

today for healing for our mother, the soil. We pray to return she that supports all life on earth back to the perfect state you created her to be in. You filled her with life and abundance, with life forms that are minuscule but no less important than other beings, each with a vital role you assigned in your infinite, unmatched wisdom.

Lord, she is under attack by the wicked and greedy members of our human family. We forgive the assailants in Jesus name and harbor no resentment against them. Nonetheless, we rebuke their evil plans that are clearly of Satan who comes to steal, kill and destroy our soil.

We now reclaim the soil all over this world you created and the abundance Christ died for us to have, even through the gifts of abundant, healthy soil and the diverse, nutrient-rich plants that flourish in her.
No weapon formed against her shall prosper.

In Jesus Name We Pray

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Faith Gardening is A Ministry of Patience🌛🕛🌱

Faith Gardening is a ministry of patience, like the branch on which my patience fruit ripens. (Fruit of the spirit, Galatians 5:22-23) There is a built in patience requirement in gardening, as one awaits the flow of the natural life cycle of plants.  Then, I imposed another cycle of waiting periods on myself by timing my gardening activities with the moon. 🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕

Faith Gardening is a Ministry of Patience
Lune & Jardin App by JOCS

Sounds very esoteric, right? Not that woke. I have been able to approach this faith gardening with biodynamic vibes using the 📱Lune & Jardin (Moon & Garden) app by JOCS.

Faith Gardening refers to gardening without chemicals, synthetic fertilizers, or growth enhancers.  It relies heavily on natural factors and forces, like the phases of the moon as in biodynamic farming.

I started this practice with a shade of skepticism, not about the practice itself, but about the accuracy of the app. Nonetheless, through a combination of research, practice and sky gazing, Lune & Jardin has proven itself. It has even enlightened me to concepts about the moon’s travels I had never known before, like the earth inhaling and exhaling depending on what part of its revolution path it is on around the planet.

Faith Gardening is a Ministry of Patience
Waiting for bananas to ripen…patiently. #MorningInTheFaithGarden

How My Approach to Gardening has Changed

When I get the urge to put some new seeds in soil, for example, I have may to wait until next week when the moon is on its ascent again. Right now, it is descending, the earth is inhaling, the energy is in a downward direction so it is not a good time to expect seeds to sprout. This faith gardening is a ministry of patience indeed that perhaps is lost on the chemical gardeners and the hothouse farmers who flout natural seasonality in favor of profits.

Faith Gardening is a Ministry of Patience
During a descending moon, the downward pressure can even shift soil. Today I am able to see the roots of my heirloom tomato tree!

Gardening this way has given me a deeper understanding of Ecclesiastes 3. There is, indeed, a season to everything, a time to every purpose under heaven. When we submit to that timing, we are in harmony with creation. When we attempt to force our will out of timing, we create chaos. Yes, faith gardening is a ministry of patience that many of us need in our lives.

Faith Gardening is a Ministry of Patience
My neighbor blessed me a cutting of her Spanish Thyme, in the background are eggplant sprouts from seed. These will transplant into the garden today.
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The Faith Garden: Evolution

Up until this point, I have been in the gardener’s equivalent of preschool. Success in pots on a highrise terrace with seedlings during a summer season or two were my first very large, crayon-scribbled attemtps to write my name.  

Visions of multiple clever urban gardening installations both outside on my terrace and inside by that expanse of east oriented windows in my livingroom, like trash can potatoes and dwarf citrus trees 🍊and vertically inclined shelves of fresh herbs 🌱🌱🌱, they danced in my head, but my reality was much less inspiring. Nonetheless, like the simple days in Pre K where toddlers learn each vowel and consonant on its own, my five little terrace pots provided just the right amount of learning for my experience level. They would lead to bigger things in God’s good time.

Even my first gardening book was a children’s book. 📖Reading Molly’s Organic Farm by Carol Malnor to my children at bedtime taugh me about companion planting, beneficial insects🐝 and crop rotation among other things. I have since graduated. I am in big kid school now! 

Currently Reading📚: Guerilla Gardening by David Tracey, on loan from the 

Trinidad National Library System (NALIS) 

🍅Currently Planting: Marvel Striped Heirloom Tomatoes and Sugar Daddy Snap Peas from seeds, and a tamarind tree sprout on a small patch in my backyard. 

My children saved seeds from eating Tamarind balls and planted them with full faith

Current techniques in use🌴: Adding topsoil to plant on top of dense clay, 

Judah planted this tiny seed in January, look how tall they both are!

preparing my next spots by laying down a bed of food scraps interlaid with grass cuttings to proactively attract soil life and help nourish the future residents – more food crops and a patch of flowers. Also using Lune & Jardin, an app that helps you plan your gardening in relation to the phases of the moon. 

Next 🌺phase plans: Expand vegetable patch, help the children create their own Friendship Garden 💚🌾and utilise items dumped in the back (old wooden boards, pvc pipe, a broken swing set and some kid’s forgotten homemade pushcart) to help create a lovely Faith Garden oasis for my little apartment complex community. 

I will update frequently!

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The Faith Garden Part 1

We are enslaved if we must rely solely upon our jobs, money, supermarkets and agribusiness to eat.  Thank God for His (yes, it’s His) system of seed time and harvest that never ceases.  We can all grow at least some of our own food.  You will start small but you will want to grow more because it was God’s first job for us.  He gave us the power to feed ourselves.