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#Eat #Give #Love #Live

Today's lunch from Sun in Bloom made me so grateful that I can access good, clean, nourishing food. Those of us who are so privileged have an obligation to those who are not so blessed. Next time you go shopping, buy a few extra things, pack a little separate bag, and ask God to show… Continue reading #Eat #Give #Love #Live

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Yoga with Your Children: Cosmic Kids Jaime Makes it Fun! 

Yoga is great for the mind as well as the body. Squeeze in a 15-20 minute yoga session after school before homework to help your kids decompress from their school day and get ready for one more mental workout. Cosmic Kids Yoga has a great series of videos ranging from around 15-24 minutes in length… Continue reading Yoga with Your Children: Cosmic Kids Jaime Makes it Fun! 

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Tweet: Handstand Yoga Flow with Tara Stiles #DoThis

#DoThis In just under 8 Minutes, Tara Stiles starts with a downward facing dog, opening up hips and shoulders, allowing blood to flow up the body, and prepares you in a series of poses to go all the way upside down. How many opportunities do you give yourself to physically shift your perspective? #SeeThings Differently  #Namaste