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This One Thing I Do: I Teach

Teachers, please tell me if you agree: how beautiful is it to see a struggling student come out of her shell and shine????   We will call her Takiya.   She’s eight years old and was held back one year in school, so she’s in a class with seven-year-olds, including her younger sister.  One day… Continue reading This One Thing I Do: I Teach

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10 Reasons Why You Should Revolutionize Your Children’s’ Food Lives

No matter where you live, this is a problem that is close to home for you. That said, I knew I could help by sharing with you my 10 reasons why you should revolutionize your children's’ food lives. Here’s your sister in parenthood calling you to action to be a part of the solution starting right in your own home today!

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10 Tactics for Coaching Your Kids to a Healthy Food Life

This is not about pulling teeth to get your kids to eat their vegetables. This is about shifting your kids food life paradigm to a more nourishing one. This major change will shift the trajectory of their lives.

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The Faith Garden Phase One: Germination

OK, so It’s been almost 4 months since I posted The Faith Garden: Part 1 on The Really Nourish Movement YouTube station, and I’m finally at a stage where I am ready to start this thing! For a couple of months over the summer I had a bit of garden training in an already existing… Continue reading The Faith Garden Phase One: Germination

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8 Day Really Nourish Yourself Devo Day 1: Purpose in Your Heart

You are starting the 8 Day Really Nourish Yourself Devo Day 1: Purpose in Your Heart, and you are already off to a great start! My daughter Ché is heavily involved, setting herself apart as a vocal opponent of sugar and other things that are harmful to our bodies. The 8 Day Really Nourish Yourself Devo… Continue reading 8 Day Really Nourish Yourself Devo Day 1: Purpose in Your Heart

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Summer Gardening in the City

For the last two summers, we have been using any available space we have in our 12th floor apartment in Staten Island, NY to grow our own food.  Now is the time, April in the northern hemisphere, to get your garden ready for the season! Train up a child in the way he should go,… Continue reading Summer Gardening in the City

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The Uncandy Sale

I've been teaching my daughter about the dangers of sugar. Since we have been working to eliminate sugar from our diets and our homes, new things come up all the time! Or old things, like our annual World's Finest Chocolate Bar Candy Sale... We can't sell chocolate but we will help our PTA raise money… Continue reading The Uncandy Sale