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Creation: Beautiful Spontaneous thoughts from your Food Life Coach

Cathy Fyock, the Business Book Strategist, is a mentor and a friend.  Last year, she sent out writing prompts to help her clients keep the creative juices flowing.  In February, she sent us a picture like this: This is what I wrote.  (Unedited, I wrote for about fifteen minutes spontaneously.): Genesis 2:9 gives us a… Continue reading Creation: Beautiful Spontaneous thoughts from your Food Life Coach


Life Coaching and Classes… On WhatsApp???

It's a new world and it is constantly evolving.  Always being willing to do things in new ways is no longer optional.  So I'm expanding Really Nourish's Food Life Evolution services into a new platform: Life Coaching and Classes On WhatsApp! I'm calling it Food Life Evolution Classroom, and I'm taking WhatsApp's Group Chat feature to a… Continue reading Life Coaching and Classes… On WhatsApp???

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10 Pioneering Medical Transplants

One deceased organ donor can save as many as eight lives between organ and tissue transplants possible.  On Wednesday 10/10/18, asks New Yorkers to “Unleash Your Inner Hero” and sign up for organ donation.  This is especially urgent in the Empire State, since it is 50th out of 50 states in percentage of registered… Continue reading 10 Pioneering Medical Transplants

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Unleashing My Inner Hero #DonorDay2018

Live On NY is holding it's 4th annual Organ Donor Enrollment Day.  the theme is Unleash Your Inner Hero.  Indeed, I am unleashing my inner hero, although with a great deal of humility and a commitment to improving other people's lives who have a need greater than any that I have.   I found a great spot, too!  Berkeley Drugs on the corner… Continue reading Unleashing My Inner Hero #DonorDay2018

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Organ Donors: Real Superheros?

Are Organ Donors real superheros?  It certainly doesn't feel like it... I know I helped someone in a major way.  Nonetheless, I'm not immortal, I have no superpowers (well, except making milk for my babies, but that had nothing to do with giving an organ) and I only directly impacted one person's life. Real superheros save entire cities… Continue reading Organ Donors: Real Superheros?