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A Biblical Case for Veganism Part 3: Troubled Waters

In continuation of a biblical case for veganism, I choose now to focus on water, which is a birthright given by God that shows up in scripture in several contexts:
1. A vital component of God’s consistent provision in our lives
2. A metaphoric reference to His power and His reliability and, at times, His power as it abides in us
3. His way of cleansing us and nourishing us to flourish
We will look at how veganism is an indirect way of exercising better stewardship over this vital resource. Before we do that, let us first examine some scriptures that illustrate what I’ve stated above:
Water is YOUR God Given Birthright

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Now, as I was saying:

In Genesis 2:5-6, even before God created man and made him Commissioner of Eden Gardens, He watered the land in preparation for the garden and Adam.

God Consistently Provides Water

Even after the Fall of Man, although we are subjected to several consequences for our disobedience, we were never expected to live without water.  When the Children of Israel are wandering through the desert, He responded to their complaints of thirst by turning brackish water into clean, refreshing water for them to drink.

Water as a Reference to God’s Power

He caused it to rain for 40 days and 40 nights straight in Genesis 7 – this is also a reference to cleansing, His main intent for the Great Flood. The waters remained for 150 days and didn’t recede until God decided the time was right.

Water as a Reference to God’s Power as it Abides in us

The Prophet Elijah – 1 Kings 17:1 (NKJV) And Elijah the Tishbite, of the inhabitants of Gilead, said to Ahab, “As the Lord God of Israel lives, before whom I stand, there shall not be dew nor rain these years, except at my word.”

Elijah gave that word later in 1 Kings 18:41

Then Elijah said to Ahab, “Go up, eat and drink; for there is the sound of abundance of rain.”  (NKJV)

We know from James 5:17 that on Elijah’s word, through his prayer, there was no rain for 3 1/2 years.

Water as a Reference to God’s Reliability

Isaiah 55:10-11

“For as the rain comes down, and the snow from heaven,
And do not return there,
But water the earth,
And make it bring forth and bud,
That it may give seed to the sower
And bread to the eater,
11 So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth;
It shall not return to Me void,
But it shall accomplish what I please,
And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.

Water as His vehicle for cleansing us and causing us to flourish

In the first verses of the first poem in the book of Psalms, the psalmist lays out the characteristics of those who would be “blessed”, or happy.  In verse 3, happiness is likened to being a tree planted by rivers of water that bears fruit in abundance and whose leaf never withers.

Indeed, Jesus gives the living water, as offered to the Samaritan woman at the well in John 4.

So here’s the Million Dollar Question:  Exactly what does your consumption of animal-based foods have to do with water?
Answer: It’s another case of poor stewardship over an extremely precious God-given resource.

In Chapter 2 of Securing Our Birthright (entitled “Menu Expansion: When God Condoned Carnivory, Man Went H.A.M. – Hard as a Moabite), we examine this issue. With the permission of the producers of Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret, I list an alarming set of data regarding the impacts of modern livestock agriculture on Air, Water, Land and Mankind.

(The facts are listed here with references:

Here are the water-related statistics:

  • Animal agriculture water consumption ranges from 34-76 trillion gallons annually.
  • Animal Agriculture is responsible for 20%-33% of all drinkable water consumption in the world today.
  • Growing feed crops for livestock consumes 56% of water in the US.
  • It takes 2,500 gallons of water to produce 1 pound (16 oz, two normal 8oz steaks) of beef.
  • 477 gallons of water are required to produce 1lb. of eggs (that’s between 8 and a dozen, depending on the size of the eggs); almost 900 gallons of water are needed for 1lb. of cheese.
  • It takes 1,000 gallons of water to produce 1 gallon of milk.

According to Charity: Water, 63 million people live without clean water.

They suffer from a wide range of preventable diseases because the only water they have access to for cooking for and bathing themselves and their children and washing the family’s clothes is dirty. Also, often their water source, as poor as the quality is, is a long walk from where they live.

Really Nourish 2018 Charity: Water Campaign
Click the Image to learn more

Women and girls are responsible for carrying water in some societies. To do this time-consuming, heavy work for their families, some girls cannot even go to school on a consistent basis.

Just to be clear, Big Ag does not just exist in the United States. There are large CAFO livestock farms all over the world and some of the countries they are in have the biggest water problems.

Also, to be clear, the people in the demographic who live without clean water are highly likely to be people who are too poor to be consumers of animal-based foods. It’s only the wealthiest 30% of the world population who eats flesh, eggs and cheese and drinks milk. The rest are vegan by default.

(Which begs the question: Why do people think it’s more expensive to go vegan, when meat is the most expensive item in the grocery store? But I digress…)

I like math. Let’s do some, shall we?

The World Health Organization estimates that in a crisis, where water supplies that previously existed are compromised, people would need a minimum of 7.5 liters of water a day to meet basic needs. Figuring we are supposed to be drinking around 2 liters a day (that’s a bit more than the 8 x 8oz glasses we probably don’t all drink like we should) that means the other 5.5 liters are for cooking and washing. On the other hand, in the developed world where water is available 24 hours a day, says that we use an average of around 100 liters a day. This includes flushing toilets and less conservative cleaning and washing.
Figuring 100 liters a day = around 40 gallons, that means that:

  • Your steak dinner could have supplied 31 people with clean, reliable water they could confidently drink and use for cooking, bathing, washing dishes and clothes and flushing toilets.
  • Your dozen eggs could have supplied almost 11 people.
  • Your gallon of milk could have supplied 25 people.

But instead, it supplied ONE person. ONE household. Indeed, it supplied them with “food” that causes them more harm to their health than nutrition. It did so at the expense of many other members of the human family who live in deprivation.

In a world where 63 million are living without clean water, and millions of others have it but inconsistently, and still others, even in the great United States of America, have to choose between drinking contaminated water from their taps or spending money they could use for food to buy clean, bottled water, this is an abuse of God’s provision.

How Much Less water do Vegans Consume?

In contrast, how much water does it take to grow plants? According to a Huffington Post article from 2014 (updated in 2017):
(all of the following are expressed as gallons of water per pound of the food item)

  • Tofu (Soybean Curd) 302 (feeds 3-4 people)
  • Lentils 704 (makes 3-4 meals for a family of 4)
  • Rice 299 (3-4 meals for a family of 4)
  • Potatoes 34
  • Oats 290 (3-4 breakfasts for a family of 4)
  • Oranges 67
  • Grapefruits 61
  • Lemons 77
  • Avocados 141
  • Broccoli 34
  • Garlic 71
  • Tomatoes 26
  • Eggplant 43

The real value of the exchange here is a lot less water for a lot more nutrition. These are the foods that keep the temple in the best condition. This, in addition to the low impact they have on the world’s water supply allow for, once again, better stewardship of the temple and the planet.

Here are a couple of other quotes from the Cowspiracy website pertaining to water:

“Animal agriculture is the leading cause of species extinction, ocean dead zones, water pollution, and habitat destruction.”

“The widespread use of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers used in the production of feed crops often interferes with the reproductive systems of animals and poisons waterways.”
Again, 1 Corinthians 10:31 says whether you eat or drink, whatever you do, do all for the glory of God. Again, I ask you, does being a consumer in this system glorify God? Does using the increase the God blessed you with to reward the industry that is robbing your fellow man of his birthright?

Where do you stand on this issue?  Drop a comment below while you’re here.

Also, please click here to learn more about how Really Nourish is helping those in need of clean water.

Thank you for reading and sharing this!  God bless you!

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A Biblical Case for Veganism Part 2

My post on this topic from January 16, 2016 has been my most viewed blog post – indeed, my highest traffic web page since the start of Really Nourish.  It has been so much so that I expound on the topic in my forthcoming book, Securing Our Birthright, and felt compelled to take a couple of aspects of this topic and give them a deeper treatment in these next couple of posts A Biblical Case for Veganism Part 2, and later this week, Part 3 (see link below).

A Biblical Case for Veganism Part 2: Why Should You Abstain from Animal-Based Foods?

This excerpt from Chapter 6 of the book takes on a scripture that some have been known to use to dispute the idea of abstaining from consuming animal flesh:

Everything God created is good, reject no flesh

(1 Timothy 4:4)

Here is another context discussion where the question one needs to ask is this:

What subject matter was the Apostle Paul addressing in this body of scripture?  

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The context from verse 1 is regarding a prophecy about what will happen in end times.  Some will depart from the faith, because they’ll start listening to the “doctrines of demons” that will tell them that they should reject the food that God set apart for us to receive with thanksgiving.  The context here is the REASONING for your abstention from food that was ordained by God.  

In other words, if you abstain from eating even “clean” animals because you want to play your part in reducing the harmful impacts of animal agriculture on the environment in 2017, this is not the same as if you joined some cult whose doctrine required that you stop eating what the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob ordained in Genesis 1, Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14.  This is why veganism cannot be characterized as an act of obedience to God in and of itself, but indeed it can be characterized as an act of self-sacrificial, dutiful stewardship of the Temple and this planet.  Here, then, is a biblical case for veganism you can make to this end.

Animal Flesh IS Good, BUT…

There is another point to this end: what God created IS good.  Animal flesh the way God created it is fine to eat.  But there are limits to how much of it we should eat it that we have far exceeded in modern food culture.  We now know that what is considered a normal level of consumption is, compared to old and even new testament times, excessive.  God speaks about gluttony directly related to eating animal flesh in Proverbs 23:20-21. We are paying the price in the form of a health pandemic that just some restraint could bring to an end. 

Also, the animal flesh that we have today is defiled, just as Ezekiel prophesied at the end of Chapter 4 in his eponymous book. 

Livestock – that includes cows for beef and dairy, pigs for pork and chickens for meat and eggs – is kept in concentrated animal feeding operations where they reside shoulder to shoulder with other animals that may be sick and deceased animals are not removed right away.  They are fed unnatural, genetically modified feed that is laced with unregulated amounts of antibiotics and dosed with synthetic hormones.  Even the diary cows, although they are not slaughtered for meat, are forcibly inseminated relentlessly (the actual term for the machine used is a “rape rack”) so they are constantly making calves and, consequently, milk.  Their babies are taken from them and tethered so they don’t move a lot to keep their muscles weak – the appeal of veal is tender flesh. 

The fish is either coming out of aquatic farms where they too are packed way too close together and also fed GMO, antibiotic laced feed and residing in close contact with sick or dead fish or they are pulled out of polluted waters in drag nets that catch and kill more unintended catch than targeted fish.  The animals are horribly mistreated.   

The righteous care for the needs of their animals, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.

Proverbs 12:10

In 1 Corinthians 10:31, scripture says whether we eat or drink, whatever we do, do it all for the glory of God.  Does participating as a consumer in this system glorify God?  

A Biblical Case for Veganism

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A Biblical Case for Veganism Part 3: Troubled Waters

Really Nourish 2018 Charity: Water Campaign
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Really Nourish 2018 Charity: Water Campaign

The Really Nourish Movement’s mission is to end the global food regime, the crisis it has created and the lifestyle disease pandemic it has spawned.  Because clean drinking water is under that regime, we’re launching the Really Nourish 2018 Charity: Water Campaign.  Water is commoditized by powerful corporations the same way food has been, so we are now launching our first effort to contribute to the provision of this basic human right to every man, woman and child on earth.

By the way, this is our 100th blog post since we joined WordPress back in June 2015!  What a great way to celebrate!  Let’s make an impact together!

Please watch this video:

Really Nourish 2018 Charity: Water Campaign
Forthcoming Book: Securing Our Birthright: Clean, Nourishing Food for All People as Ordained by God

Place your $14.99 pre-order for the Securing Our Birthright today and make your donation towards the Really Nourish 2018 Charity: Water Campaign fundraising goal.  Our deadline is March 31, 2018.

Buy Now

The work Scott Harrison and his Charity: Water team is doing is so important!  Clean water is your God given birthright, just as clean, nourishing food is.  The government leaders that have been entrusted with upholding these popular rights have failed to do so.  It is up to the people, organized into Non Governmental Organizations to take a unified stand against the status quo and secure our birthright organically.  We can do this just by organizing into very simple efforts like gardening, seed saving, digging wells and making each dollar we spend count as a vote for a better future.

Are you on board?


Meet Scott Harrison

Here’s the video that inspired the Really Nourish 2018 Charity: Water Campaign.  Hope you have tissues handy!

We are change makers.  Let’s grow The Really Nourish Movement together so our change making can have a greater impact on mankind.  Let Really Nourish be a part of the legacy you leave when you pass from this life.

Resolution Evolution
Food Life Evolution

Resolution Evolution

Resolutions, reso-SHMU-tions… It’s time for a Resolution Evolution! There’s a sad, modern day association with the well-meaning practice of making New Year’s Resolutions.  They are now known as promises that are MADE TO BE BROKEN.  Their original intent throughout history (a article on the topic sites Ancient Babylon, the Roman Empire under Julius Caesar and, more recently, Christian traditions dating back about 300 years) was to commit to making positive changes in one’s life.

See, the thing is, changing oneself is almost impossible without external and higher assistance.

Resolution Evolution Step 1: Ask

As a Christian, Holy Spirit is the only one who can really change me.  Indeed, I can and should pray to ask for the changes myself, but without Him, the changes won’t occur or if I do pull it off by my own merit, they won’t remain. So I prayed.  I continue to pray as I go along.  My prayers are loaded with expectation and more and more aligned with God’s will for my life.

That’s the higher assistance.  The external assistance is really a motivating factor that is not about you or what you personally want.

Resolution Evolution Step 2: Dig Deep Within Yourself

As I work to develop Food Life Evolution with my first two clients, I have discovered that one of the first steps is to nail down your motivation.  Thinking back to the impetus behind Really Nourish, the clear and frank truth of the matter was that Mount Sinai was NOT going to consider me a potential kidney donor for my dad unless I changed my health.  It was a sunny, hot day in June when I learned that we were a perfect blood match for the transplant.  That is the day that I got into gear.

It was this motivation that helped me get through rough times, like my first two “free sugar free” days.  Sitting chatting with my dad the way we used to do when I was a teenager after my mother had gone off to work was a wonderful experience to have as an adult.  I had the pleasure of seeing him have cute conversations with my 7-year-old daughter.  I thought about bringing my family to Dominica to see the beautiful estate he had built there.  This was also my mother’s legacy.  He just had to get off of dialysis so any of that could be possible.  That’s how I got through the first 6 months of my Food Life Evolution.

As part of the very first session clients will have with (the future) Food Life Evolution team, we will nail this down.  We will zero in on your motivation.  Identifying that something to remind yourself of when you feel weak will be key to your success.

Resolution Evolution Step 3: Motivation Evolution

Some people’s motivation will last them through their life and keep them motivated to sustain their new food life no matter how tough things get.  For example, a lady I’m working with now has felt the call of God to travel on missions.  We discussed this.  If you are on medication for diabetes and heart disease, missions travel is not possible.  During Pre-Field Missions Training, I learned that people with such issues are discouraged from traveling.  The conditions on missions trips are not designed to accommodate more than the basic needs of the missionary.  This is motivation that can sustain.  Her children are grown and this is how she wants to spend the rest of her life.

For me, my initial motivation was temporal.  I succeeded by God’s grace.  The kidney donation was a success.  Indeed, even my motivation to stay in my newly evolved food life had to evolve.  You have been that motivation.  My fellow man, who’s suffering has continued and increased under the global food regime, has been the ever-present motivator for me to stay this course.  The desire to continue to report on law changes, food labeling, to share ideas and bring you into my experiences during the evolution of my Food Life has added a level of accountability that keeps me on point.

See my first annual accountability report here.

Why Is Motivation Evolution So Important?

So you want to be alive and well enough to celebrate your last child’s graduation from High School?  You want to be around for the birth of your first grandchild?  You want to be the perfect date for your spouse at your 15th, 20th, 25th High School Reunion?  What happens when you realize those dreams?

The problem this detail addresses is this:  things are changing in the world.  More people are examining their food choices more closely.  Food processors are finding ways to repackage their products to respond to the changing tide.  Nonetheless, your Food Life Evolution will still have you swimming against the tide.  The changes are happening slowly.  Because the power brokers in the global food system, Big Pharma and Big Healthcare still have their profits as their priority, some changes may be superficial, while others will be hampered by much resistance.

Therefore, your motivation has to sustain you over the many years to come.  It has to inform not only your Food Life, but the food lives of your family, especially the children in your life.  Also, once again, your motivation must be about something bigger than you.

So let the Evolution begin.  Call it a resolution if you wish, but let the motivation take it out of a temporal realm and into the realm of a true and permanent life change.

If it’s a resolution, this should be the last year you have to make it.  

Top 10 Really Nourish 2017 Moments

Top 10 Really Nourish 2017 Moments

It’s top 10 time, isn’t it?  Perhaps that’s what prompted me to do a top 10 Really Nourish 2017 moments post, or perhaps it was something deeper…

I haven’t really spent a lot of time reflecting on this past year.  My focus is on the great things coming up in the future.  To me, 2017 was like a 365 day walk through a portal into a future that looks very different from the past.  Really Nourish is set to accelerate now.  From where I stand, 2018 and beyond looks big and bold, lit and amplified, all for the glory of a great God!

Nonetheless, a spot of reflection on the past year can help reveal some milestones that point to the promise of the future ahead.

That said, here are the top 10 Really Nourish 2017 Moments:

10: I wrote Securing Our Birthright.  I actually finished a full manuscript for a book.  This was definitely inspired by God because it happened so fast and so fluently.  It brings together the steps I took and continue to take toward first getting into and then maintaining excellent health, what I learned in the natural about why the steps I took worked, and an in-depth study of what the word of God has to say about it all.  Pre-order your copy today and get a sneak peak download to enjoy while you wait!

9: I got pregnant with my 3rd child.  This is more significant than it sounds.  It happened

Top 10 Really Nourish 2017 Moments
Christmas Day, 8 Months In!

just over a year after I donated a kidney and two years into my new Really Nourish Food Life.  Just like with the transplant, the pregnancy provided more opportunities than usual to get my stats – weight, blood pressure and blood sugar.  Click here to see my first annual accountability report so you can see how well I am doing.  Thanks be to God!

8: Really Nourish presented its first webinar!  I’m so grateful to my Pastor and my church, Guiaco Pentecostal Church in Sangre Grande, Trinidad, for being so supportive.  My wifi at home was down so they allowed me to conduct the webinar from church on a Thursday morning.  To God be the glory!  Also, again, and as always, much gratitude is due to Cathy Fyock who helped me make this happen.  I look forward to doing much more work with her!  Click here to see the replay.

7: My prayer for mentors was finally answered with not one, not two, but FOUR phenomenal women who have become so valuable to me.  This is my chance to honor them all.

  1. Reverend Lilleth Harper, wife of Bishop Warren Harper of Guiaco Pentecostal Church.  She is the Missions Director and not only has she helped bring out and nurture the evangelist in me, but she pushes me to aspire for greater excellence in all that I do, to see knowledge and be a helper to my husband from a position of strength.
  2. Sister Natasha Passie, bible school intern.  She is the discipleship teacher at Guiaco Pentecostal Church.  Natasha took me under her wing and has taught me so much more about God’s word in practical application in my life.  She has also been a source of great support in times of trial.  Particularly in times when God has shown me plans and I couldn’t see means to accomplish them, she was there with both prayer and help!  She embodies true agape like very few others I’ve met in my life.
  3. Sister Cathy Fyock, the Business Book Strategist.  After watching a webinar she conducted on the Author Learning Center website, I took advantage of a free strategy session she offered.  I was facing some difficult circumstances at the time.  She has taught me so much so far about marketing myself and my book by faith.  What she has given me already has been of such amazing value, and I’m already grateful for the wisdom she will share with me going forward.  She’s selfless and beautiful and blessed and I love her.  Join her mailing list today!
  4. Sister Jenn Baxter, Live a F.A.S.T. Life.  Sister Cathy introduced us electronically recently.  Although we’ve only known each other for a little over a month, she is much further along than I am with her movement.  She delivers high value content to a well populated mailing list (you should join today) and her book just dropped on (you should buy it).  I’m already learning so much from her!  I look forward to working with her and learning much more in the coming years.

Thanks God for mentors!  Thanks to each of these amazing women for what they have contributed to my life and my work!

6: Really Nourish went into the affiliate business!  We are affiliates now with and Thrive Market.  This is a new revenue stream that will help finance the work and grow the movement.  Your support is so essential.  By using our links to Shop and Join Thrive Market, you swing us a percentage of your purchases without having to put out any money you weren’t already going to spend.  Many thanks for your continued support!

5: We launched a very Pinterest-worthy Faith Garden.  “Ah what?” you ask?  Just click to see what it’s all about.

4: I finally zeroed in on the perfect tagline for Really Nourish: Christian Food Activism.  Yes, it’s a thing, because through me, God made it a thing.   See my post about that here.

3: We launched our first prayer devotional.  If you haven’t already, have a look here and sign up so you can get it in your inbox automatically for the next 8 days.  It could be a great start to 2018 for you!

2: Our video content has truly evolved.  While we enjoy doing the GoAnimate videos and will do more in the future, we are now expanding into some thicker content that provides more meat (in the King James sense) for your brain to feast on.  Check out our YouTube channel to see some of our latest videos.  Please share them on your social media accounts, too!

1: I took some very important spiritual steps this year.  In April, I finally got water baptized at Manzanilla Beach.  In November, I embarked upon the Evangelism Explosion and Pre-Field Missions training programs.  These both occurred in spite of great difficulty, as I deepen my commitment to God’s Kingdom Business.

It is with this commitment in my heart that I step boldly into 2018 ready to give birth both physically and spiritually to all of what the Lord has revealed to me as my purpose. Thank you for being a part of the top 10 Really Nourish moments of 2017!  To my husband and my children, I thank you so much for being my motivation and support on this journey.  To my church, Guiaco Pentecostal, I thank you for the spiritual and physical food and support that you have lavished upon my family.  There should be more churches like this in the world!  To my readers, I thank you for taking the time to read my posts, to like, to comment and to share.  I look forward to huge growth for 2018 and beyond with you!


Really Nourish Faith Garden: By Any Means Necessary
Faith Gardening, food, gardening, Herbs, no pesticides, non-gmo, Plants, recycle, upcycle, Urban Gardening

Faith Garden: By Any Means Necessary

Well, maybe not by any means, but I write this post: Faith Garden: By Any Means Necessary because in spite of all the changes I have endured in terms of the roof over my head, I will find a way to grow some food.  At the moment, all I  have around my apartment door is concrete.  Nonetheless, a garden now grows.

Take that, 2017!  You tried to knock me down but you couldn’t.  I’m a Genesis 1 Daughter of The Soil no matter what.  So I prayed for a way.  Little by little the answer came and now I present my Urban Faith Garden in the Trinidadian countryside.


Like I said, Faith Garden: By Any Means Necessary

After we lost our bed in a fire this year, we were given this old rusty cot to use until we were able to buy a new one.  Once we did, we had no place to put the cot.  It sat in our apartment for a couple of months, and I was begrudged to look at it day in and day out.  This did not seem to bother my husband, who used it to hang the most recently removed sweaty shirt or wet bath towel on it.  I said numerous times “I want this out of my house”.  And indeed I got what I asked for, but God’s plan was better than mine!

Faith Garden: By Any Means Necessary
Really Nourish Faith Garden: Upcycled Cot and Recycled Water Bottles

So here’s the cot.  As soon as a friend started talking to me about using water bottles to make a garden, the cot came to mind as the perfect venue.  She had suggested I use the fence outside my home.  I can imagine this will grow and we will need that fence before too long.  Nonetheless, I thought first how much I’d like to make this a full-on recycle-upcycle project, while clearing the large piece of debris out of my home. Another cool feature about this garden is that it is on wheels, so I can shift it and turn it for whatever reasons – sunlight for plants, catch a rain shower, move it away from the wall to paint…

What’s Growing

I was given a little selection of plants and a window box pot.  There’s pimento peppers, bodie (a long, green string bean that is very popular in Trinidad) and ochro (aka okra) in that.  Along the front up top we are regrowing spring onions (aka scallions, locally known here as cive), chandon beni (aka culantro) and mint.  We have two larger-leaved varieties of thyme and some Jamaican mint.  We seeded one row of bottle-pots with organic salad blend seeds, and one bottle that once held coconut oil with some sugar daddy snap peas.


Prepping the Bottles


Faith Garden: By Any Means Necessary
I heated a screw driver up on the stove. I did this while cooking so as not to waste gas.
  1. This screwdriver has a set of changeable bits that go into the top.  I used a small hexagon-shaped head.
  2. I used this to get nice even holes in the bottoms of the bottles, as well as a couple of holes one either side about a 1/4 inch from the lip of the cut open edge to pass the strings through.Faith Garden: By Any Means Necessary
  3. Stringing them up first made it easy to work with my pregnant belly limiting my ability to bend down.  I scooped some soil into each bottle and, dangling it by the strings, I tapped the planter on the ground gently several times to compact the soil a bit.  Then I topped up if needed and either stuck in plants and bulbs or set seeds.


Updates to come, so subscribe or join the mailing list so you don’t miss anything!  Also, please pray along with us for success.  What does “success” mean for the Really Nourish Faith Garden, you ask?

As far as Really Nourish is concerned, success is that we grow more than enough food for our needs.  We will share the overflow with our neighbors!

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