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What I Learned About Exercise for Weight Loss

You don’t NEED it.

Well, maybe you do, but not as much as some people think, anyhow. YOU, who spends hours in training and secretly loathes those who appear to be experts at staying slim without breaking a sweat should check out what I learned about exercise recently.

Perhaps you know about my journey. For those who don’t here’s a quick recap to get you up to speed:

  • 4 years ago I was obese and borderline hypertensive, and had been rejected as a candidate for kidney donation. I founded Really Nourish to fix this problem.
  • 3 years ago, I evicted a lot of excess body fat, greatly improved my overall internal health – physical and mental – and donated my left kidney. I then moved to Trinidad and Tobago from New York City.
  • 2 years ago, I got pregnant with my 3rd child. I had evicted the rest of the excess body fat I needed to dump to get into a Normal Weight BMI.
  • 1 year ago I gave birth to Benjamin and snapped right back to 145 lbs within the first 2 months of his life.

OK, now you’re up to speed. So I now this lesson about exercise and overcoming overweight/obesity will make more sense to you. You see, along life’s journey, sometimes we come into a season in our lives during which maintaining our personal habits and standards becomes difficult. This could be due to changes in your family, your finances, your living situation, or other unexpected circumstances.

I am in that kind of season right now (with a direct path out, thank God!). It has become extremely difficult to sustain my recently established food life values. Life gets hard sometimes!

The thing is, while changes in life’s circumstances are sometimes outside of our control, nothing from the outside of you can change you mind. You are in control of what food philosophy you embrace. Through it all, my food philosophy has not changed a bit, and so I have found that many times things align so that I can live MOSTLY by my food life values.

So At This Stage In Your Journey:

You have done the work to reshape your food philosophy.

And you have been enjoying your journey in your new, slim body.

But then, you get blindsided by an unexpected change that impacts your food life.

And you notice a little unwanted body fat trying to invade your Temple again.


Because what I learned is that exercise as a method to get rid of 20, 30, 40, 50+ pounds does not create sustainable slimness.

BUT if your Food Philosophy has been reconstructed to support a new, slimmer body for you, and a few (like 10 or less) extra pounds make an uninvited appearance, some extra exercise will seek and destroy them.

Indeed, you should get some kind of exercise on a regular basis in life anyway, but it does not have to be at a gym or in a leotard. Walking your kids to and from school 5 days a week 10 months out of the year, gardening, lifting and carrying your toddler, cleaning your house, carrying shopping bags on foot from the store – these count as exercise, so give yourself credit. Add in some “on purpose” routines that you like when you feel the need to just to preserve your new sexy.

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What I Learned About Exercise for Weight Loss

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