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The Hole

My Life Coaching instructor, Kain Ramsay of Achology, told this story. I love it! It is the perfect illustration of just one of my “whys”. The Hole is a great story about helping from the position of sympathy, of committing your life to helping as many people in the world as you can to learn how you got of a hole they are still in and how they can too:

A lady is walking down the street.  She is looking around at everything, wandering aimlessly, not paying full attention to where she is stepping. 

Suddenly, she trips and falls into a deep hole.

She starts trying to climb out.  She breaks a nail.  She is not about to give up so she keeps working on it.  She takes off her shoes and tries some more. She looks in her purse for something she can use.  She finds a  few things, but they only helped her dig herself in deeper.

Hours are passing.  She is getting sweaty, with a film of dust on her from all the failed attempts to get herself out of the hole.  Her blouse is ripped.  She realizes she needs some help as the day wears on.

She shouts out “Help! I need help please, someone help me!”

A man comes and sits by the edge.  “Hi there!  Looks like you’ve gotten yourself into a bit of trouble here!”

“Yes,” the woman replies, “I need help please!”

He takes out a notepad and pen.  “Sure,” he agrees, “I have about 45 minutes.  So tell me, how does it feel to be stuck in this hole?” 

“Well,” she replies, “I feel helpless.  I am tired.  Worried, a little angry with myself, frustrated…”  And this goes on for 45 minutes.  At the end, she’s feeling pretty low… 

“OK,” says the man, who is a therapist on his way home from work, “that’s our time for today!” He scribbles on another pad from his bag and sends the paper down to the lady in the hole. 

It’s his bill.

“Let’s schedule another session a week from today if you’re still in this hole then.”  And he walks away, leaving the lady in worse shape than she started. 

The sky is beginning to darken.  Our lady shouts out some more for help, feeling tired and hopeless at this point.

Another man comes and sits at the edge of the hole.  He says to her, “Hi there!  Looks like you’ve gotten yourself into a bit of trouble here!”

“Yes,” the woman replies, “I need help please!”

He takes out a notepad and pen.  “Sure,” he agrees, and begins to scribble on his pad.  By now, the lady is fed up with it all! 

The man, a doctor on his way home from the office, sends the paper down. It’s a prescription.  “Take this, and if you are still in this hole next week, I will come by and prescribe you something stronger.”

Now the sun has set, the woman is alone in her hole.  She needs help, but she is afraid to ask, because only God knows who will show up now!  So she prays quietly. 

A woman walks up to the edge of the hole. “Hello, my sister,  I see you need help getting out of this hole.”

“Girrrrrrrrrrrl,” the woman in the hole replies, “Please!  You have no idea what I’ve been through!” 

“Well, maybe I do, honey” and with that, she jumps down into the hole with her sister.  


The Hole
Left: Me, in The Hole, 212 lbs, April 2015 Right: Me, out of The Hole forever, October 2018

“Madame,” the woman who had just jumped into the hole replied, “I have been in this hole before, and I know how you can get out.”


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