10 Reasons why you should do this 5 in 5 Days Challenge to Help Reshape Family Food Philosophies.

We are on Day 3 of the five day challenge. You really should have committed to this on Monday! In case you missed the launch, the challenge is for you and your kids to go out and source at least 5 fruits and/or vegetables that you have never tried before. Try them, find and try out recipes for them, take pics of you and your kids holding them. You can even start a list to post to your fridge for tracking your new food finds!

Why should I, you ask? Here are 10 reasons why you should do this 5 in 5 days challenge to help reshape family food philosophies.

  1. Doing this (over a longer period than just 5 days) helped me to start truly tapping into God’s huge bounty. When I first decided to go Whole Foods Plant-Based, I was asked that same ol’ question “What do you eat, then?” Very soon, I had a rather long list of options to reply with!
  2. Trying new foods constantly keeps the excitement alive in your relationship with food. Let’s be honest: “comfort food” is boring, just like a spouse that never wants to do anything different. How do you spice up a marriage? Be unpredictable!
  3. It gave my children an I a greater appreciation for the huge biodiversity that exists in the plant kingdom. Indeed, at this moment in human history, this is extremely important. The more people that are aware of the biodiversity that exists, the more people will be invested in protecting what is left.
  4. My children and I continuously create great memories together when we find and try new foods – even if we didn’t like how it tasted!
  5. I have a bigger food repertoire. I have more ideas of things to prepare and serve to my family and to stock in the kitchen for grab-and-go fruit.
  6. My kids also have a bigger food repertoire. They now have access to a wider variety of foods.
  7. We collectively have access to many more nutrient sources than the average person.
  8. It’s fun!
  9. It’s an opportunity to learn and share learning with your children about cultures as you look up foods. It can also boost vocabulary and literacy and, as an activity, it can lend itself to a wide array of teachable moments.
  10. Experiencing new foods as an active practice is one of the numerous ways you can help reshape your family’s food philosophy. A more health promoting food philosophy is key to overcoming obesity and all the related Lifestyle Diseases you may have been living with and seeing in your children.

It’s not too late for you to get in on this challenge!

To participate in this challenge, link me up on IG and FB and comment on the challenge posts with details and pics of the foods y’all found and let us know how you prepared them and whether or not you enjoyed them.


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