5 in 5 Days – A Really Nourish™ Challenge to Help Reshape Family Food Philosophies: New Plant Foods Day 1

Let me preface this by saying that the concept of “comfort food” screams obesity to me. Not that food should make you “uncomfortable”, but usually, repeat eating happens with the least nourishing foods that only feel good on the front end. Here’s Coach Shida stepping up to challenge you to take action on your choice to change for the better: EAT MORE PLANTS.

Parents, for the next 5 days, rally your team (your children, that is) to help you find 5 fruits and/or vegetables (or more, don’t let me limit your shine potential!) that you have NEVER TRIED BEFORE. And try them! Look them up online. Find out where they are native, how they are usually eaten and source recipe ideas for them. Your kids will brag about their new finds in school.

Attention: The kids may or may not like them. It’s ok if they don’t like them or eat them with you! The point is they participated in sourcing them, helped research them and tasted them, and that process was so valuable in helping them to shape a new, more expansive food repertoire and, ultimately, a healthier food philosophy.

To participate in this challenge, link me up on IG and FB and comment on the challenge posts with details and pics of the foods y’all found and let us know how you prepared them and whether or not you enjoyed them.


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