I Broke Free from The Overweight Struggle For Me and For My Kids – You Can Do This Too!

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The overweight struggle is real.  If you are in it, then you know. I was in it from around age 8.  Let me tell you a story:

One day, when I was in my late teens, I was walking up the stairs out of a train station in my Brooklyn neighborhood.  The weather was pleasant, and the sky was blue above me as I emerged with a particular peanut-packed chocolate bar in one hand.  I was taking a bite as I moved up the last few steps. Two guys were there at the top, almost as if they were waiting for me to emerge.  One said in a loud, sarcastic voice that seemed like it was coming through a megaphone and could be heard by everyone in the vicinity of where I stood,


I felt like everyone was watching me at that moment to see if the fat girl was going to take another bite of the offending confection.  It was kind of like an old soap opera cliffhanger. Like, is she really going to keep feeding the problem?? When will she stop so she can lose all that flab???  The worst part for me was that these were the kind of guys I, at that time in my struggle, sought and craved positive attention from. I wanted guys like them to see my fatness as sexy curves, not unsightly blubber.  

So what did I do?

I kept right on walking.

I finished the candy bar.  

Me, April 2015, over 200lbs, size 12 jeans

I went home and continued to struggle for another 20 years.  

The fact is, in retrospect, the guy might not have even been speaking to me.  Probably no one was looking at me. All the paranoia was probably in my head. Nonetheless, while the memory of Mr. What-Are-You-Eating faded away, that same candy bar was a recurring character in my decades-long struggle with being overweight/obese.  It was my daily “that bar” habit that almost had my CNM diagnose me with gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with Judah years later! Yes, I finished many more of those bars in my life. Even after I came to a point of higher self-esteem, I was still obese and that bar was still a regular purchase for me.  Then one day, I got a life changing phone call.

If you’re still reading, I’m impressed!  I’m guessing you are a pretty, curvaceous mama who loves herself… am I right??

OK, the phone call:

It was my dad.  He calling from Dominica to say he is very sick and he is coming to New York City to see doctors.  Not long after he arrived, we found out that both his kidneys had failed. My dad, the strongest man I had ever known.  I remember back when I was a chubby teen hearing his breath heaving methodically as I descended the basement stairs in my childhood home to see him lifting weights.  Now here he was… I can’t type it… just… the opposite. My dad.

August 2015. 192lbs

When I found out that we matched for donation, my journey out of Obeseland began in earnest.  When it was no longer about me – my self-image, my desire, my longings – my movement took on a whole new cadence.  I left Obeseland, marched through Overweight Village, pirouetted into Normal Weight Nation and I never looked back!  Also, I gave my dad a kidney. More about that in this article.

My children motivated me along the way as I launched The Really Nourish Movement.  I don’t want any of them to ever live through the experiences I lived through as a result of being overweight.  No struggle for them!

Coaching My First Team

OK, here are the team stats:

My DD Ché, age 10, the President, My First Born:

She was raised on SAD (Standard American Diet) until age 6/7, then transitioned to Really Nourish life as I embarked on my journey.

Ché is the next generation of The Really Nourish Movement in the making!
  1. I was still on SAD during my pregnancy with her.
  2. She was 100% breastfed for 18 months.
  3. She has a vivid memory of SAD.
  4. She is a child of divorce and communication between her father (a chef who does not embrace a healthy lifestyle) and I has been non-existent (for her sake, I am praying for change in that area)
  5. She was classified as overweight at age 6.  She came down into a normal BMI living with me, but since she has been living with her father, she has gone back up into the higher categories.

My First Son, Judah, age 6, the Prime Minister:

He transitioned early to Really Nourish around age 2, so he has no personal memory of SAD.

Judah is learning how to plant and grow bulbs using cuttings of cive (scallion/spring onion/green onion). Recycled water bottle as planter.
  1. I was still on SAD during my pregnancy with him also.
  2. He was 100% breastfed for 22 months.
  3. He currently lives in a household with a father (my current husband) who is a proud SAD supporter.
  4. He spent a 5 month timeframe with his father, away from me (around age 2-3) and has bad memories of what his father fed him.
  5. Currently, Judah embraces a whole foods, plant-based lifetyle as his own personal choice, and “scolds” his dad for eating “dead birds” (chicken)

Benjamin, 13 Months, the Ambassador, My First Really Nourish Baby.  

  1. I was living my whole foods, plant-based lifestyle before and during this pregnancy
  2. He is 100% breastfed  (still currently nursing regularly)
  3. He weighs in a perfect weight range at every health center visit
  4. So far, he is showing a low interest in sweet flavors and preference for savory
Benjamin, 1st Birthday – was not impressed by the cake!

How do you think his food preferences will evolve as he grows up?  If you have a “Really Nourish Baby” who is over age 3 now, let me know what your DS/DD is doing these days in their food life please!  Comment below or send me an email

Wow, still with me here?  Then you’re obviously a beautiful, looks-younger-than-her-age mama who loves herself AND her children and wants the very best for them… just like me!  

Well, since you are that mama, let me share with you my vision for The Really Nourish Experience:

My vision is to teach parents (that’s you) how to teach their children (that’s your DDs and DSs) how to teach their children (that’s your grandbabies!) how to live a food life for optimal health characterized by the ability to naturally sustain a normal BMI weight range, and not only the absence of all lifestyle diseases (diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc) but clear, visible evidence of great nutrition, including glowing skin, healthy hair and teeth, clean, well-working organs, and good eyesight well into old age.  

The Really Nourish Experience™
Me on Emancipation Day August 1, 2016, under 170 lbs, size 8 skinny jeans

Noah built a huge ark by hand with help from just his 3 sons at age 500. Could our grandkids live to be over two hundred years old and still be able to dance at their own birthday parties?

So now that we have started this conversation, let’s keep it going until you get something you can use!

You were willing to learn about me, and I appreciate that. Now, I want to make myself available to you to hear what you have to say about your life and your problems in this area.  I am in the midst of a life coaching certificate course and I am studying for a teaching degree. While I am still studying, I am offering myself to a select group of moms who, with your little ones, will be my first teams to coach using The Really Nourish Experience curriculum!

So your next step is to give me a number and a day and time so we can get on a call (we’ll keep it brief, I got kids. too) and see if we can work with together.  If we are a good fit, you can get into my first group, which begins right after Easter and at the end of Passover. Fill out the contact form below.

Me in 2019, 145lbs, Size 5/6 Skinny Jeans

Thanks again for reading. Please subscribe and may God Bless You and your family!

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