Welcome to the Future: The Really Nourish Experience™

Why am I changing Food Life Evolution to The Really Nourish Experience?  Because I had to bring this thing back to basics. In the beginning when I started posting 4 years ago, most of my blogs talked about how I was leading my children into a better future through reshaping their Food Life.  I had not coined this term as yet for this purpose, but frankly, we were living the SAD (Standard American Diet) life and headed for a SAD future of lifestyle disease, three of millions affected by what is now a global pandemic.

the really nourish experience

So indeed, it is about my experience.  I wanted to create a concept that really explained what this was about, so Food Life Evolution was my attempt.  And I was being asked by adults mostly for help, so I started focusing on you all, urging you to evolve in response to a new food landscape.

But then, recently, I had three things happen.  

One teen asked me on her own for help overcoming obesity. Her mom is also obese. She’s in her teens, but she’s still a minor, so for me to work with her directly didn’t seem like it might work.  The second thing that happened was a mom asked me to help her teenage daughter – again, both overweight or obese. And lastly, the president of the Diabetes Association of Trinidad and Tobago posted on Facebook an article in The Guardian newspaper that lamented “Obesity rising among students” (February 20, 2019).

That’s when it dawned on me:

Moms and kids should work together, just like I did with Ché and Judah, to reshape their family Food Life and overcome lifestyle disease in their households!  Then, as I considered my goal of eradicating the global lifestyle disease pandemic by the year 2050, I did some math and realized that children between 0-16 years old today are going to be in their 30’s and 40’s by then, and if we did a good job now, the pandemic will be no more and their children will be raised in better food life habits, customs and skills.

I’m waiting to hear back from the DATT president and the president of the National PTA of Trinidad and Tobago, writing a show bible to pitch a Really Nourish Experience reality series to local network TTT, and changing all my branding and marketing over. Also, I’ve become a student again, studying simultaneously for a teaching credential (gaining new insights and techniques on how to teach children) and a Life Coaching certification (preparing to serve my fellow parents high value). All this in service of a renewed focus on our children, our future.

Please share this post.  

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Please be a part of the 2050 victory today!  

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