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10 Tactics for Coaching Your Kids to a Healthy Food Life

Why do you need 10 Tactics for Coaching Your Kids to a Healthy Food Life though? If you’re already “crunchy”, you may not need this at all. If your well-intentioned efforts to make better choices bring you consistent pain in the form of defiant backlash and unrelenting health and weight problems, then you are the one I as born to help. Keep reading!

Am I Just Another Granola-Eating, Fresh Juice Making Crunchy Mom?
You could call me a crunchy mom if you like. That’s a great compliment if it means that I’m taking my kids’ food seriously. Even when I was on food stamps, my kids still ate a much more nourishing diet than most of their peers (Hear my poem, White Card Blues). We all want that.

Me on Emancipation Day August 1, 2016, under 170 lbs, size 8 skinny jeans

This is not about pulling teeth to get your kids to eat their vegetables. This is about shifting your kids food life paradigm to a more nourishing one. This major change will shift the trajectory of their lives. (see my post on 10 Reasons Why You Should Revolutionize Your Children’s’ Food Lives – like top 10’s!) That said, if you want to set your kids up for a better food life that will positively impact every other aspect of their future story line, then

Here are 10 Tactics for Coaching Your Kids to a Healthy Food Life

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Proverbs 22:6 King James Version
  1. Start with YOU.  Come on, you know “do as I say, not as I do” has never in the history of parenting worked!  If you yourself have lifestyle disease issues, get yourself a coach. I’m available! Lead by example.  
  2. Team Up, Parents. Whether you are together or not, for the kids’ sake, agree on this important issue the same way you need to come to agreements on issues such as schooling and instilling values. Division here can make it difficult for your children’s unique food life to have a clear shape that they can embrace.
  3. Decide on a REAL Plan.  “We are going to eat better” is not enough.  Be clear about what and why (especially WHY) we are omitting and embracing.  Make informed choices and be careful where you get your information from.
  4. Get Kids on Board. Make it a new family project and present it to them in a way that appeals to them BEFORE you make any changes.  You know what appeals to your kids, use that! Get them involved in implementing – shopping, cooking, etc.
  5. Bring Your Kitchen up to Code.  As I always tell my clients, you might have to throw some stuff out!  Let the kids help out here also. Make it a game, explain your reasons, teach them about reading labels and making better choices.
  6. Mantras Work to reinforce new standards.  Our breakfast mantra at home is Fruit First. This is our mantra for remembering how we start every day with fresh fruit. I keep fruit out in a bowl on the table so they can pick what they like.
  7. YES to Charts and Rewards.  I enjoyed doing a food chart with my daughter Ché. We used it to get her involved in meal planning.  I find a sticker on a chart posted on a wall at home to celebrate any kind of progress is great.  Why not charting new foods tried or junk free days?
  8. Don’t be a Food Nazi.  Here’s my approach: I know people out there – aunties, grannies, etc. are going to give my children junk.  Its just what people do everywhere! That’s a battle I choose not to fight. My kids are allowed to accept the pack of Dixie biscuit uncle gave them and say thanks and eat it.  I am the person who feeds them most often. As long as I don’t give them any of that stuff, they still overall get much less of it than their peers do and live much more nourished food lives in general.
  9. Play the long game.  Don’t make it a daily struggle to micro manage meals.  Think over years. Out of 365 (or 366) days this year, how many SAD meals did you guys have?  If less than 10, you’re doing super excellent! That one time at band camp is not a failure.
  10. Grow something! Here’s a fantastic way for your kids to own great food choices and knowledge assets!  Get them involved in growing some food, even if just some potted tomatoes, it will really make a big impact!

This is powerful! Start now while they are still young to set them up for a life of great health, free from prescriptions, hospitals and weight struggles. Set them (and your grandbabies!) up for success! Check out our new homepage and my article on 10 Reasons Why You Should Revolutionize Your Children’s’ Food Lives.

Your reward for reading all the way to the end is this Bonus Tip: Reinforce Any Positive Food Lessons your Kids are getting in School. Find out if they are doing accurate nutrition education at school, have a look at what is being taught, and dovetail on the best of it. the continuity is a powerful tool for solidifying the best habits.

Reinforce Any Positive Food Lessons your Kids are getting in School.

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