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Creation: Beautiful Spontaneous thoughts from your Food Life Coach

Cathy Fyock, the Business Book Strategist, is a mentor and a friend.  Last year, she sent out writing prompts to help her clients keep the creative juices flowing.  In February, she sent us a picture like this:


This is what I wrote.  (Unedited, I wrote for about fifteen minutes spontaneously.):

Genesis 2:9 gives us a beautiful image of the Garden of Eden. It says that God made ever tree grow that was pleasant to look at and good for food. When I think about that scripture, I think about colors. An abundance of colors that stimulate the senses all around. There are colors and shapes, all adorned by a gentle mist that has settled over the land watering everything in anticipation for the arrival of the man for whom it was all created. Indeed, Lucifer must really have been angry at the thought that all of this beauty and wealth was created for someone else and not him and his kind. I can see that.

Just imagine the flowers, some just breathtakingly beautiful, that Adam may have given to Eve to put in her hair while they were still in paradise. Some beautiful and also edible, others temporarily blooming in their glory to usher in the coming of fruit that provides perfect nourishment for the body. Imagine what Adam woke up to when God breathed the first burst of life into his lungs. He took one look around and his senses must have been completely amazed at the colors, the fragrances, and the options. Every option before him – those growing straight up out of the ground, others hanging from climbing vines, or reaching down from the branches of trees, or flourishing on the surface of nearby pools of water – everything was beautiful to look at and/or good for food. What was his first meal like?
As they say, only God knows. Nonetheless, even though we have lost Eden until the New Jerusalem comes, there’s no reason we cannot create a small pocket of paradise in for ourselves, our family and our neighbors right where we live. This is my vision for the Faith Gardens that I have doggedly started and started over and over again. My picture of success is a garden full of beauty and real nourishment that is overflowing so that it can feed my family and at least 3-4 of my neighbor’s households with clean, nourishing free food. After all, even though we fell from Eden, we are still living under God’s grace. As such, clean, nourishing food is the God-given birthright of every man, woman and child on earth. Let it grow!

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