Resolution Evolution
Food Life Evolution

Resolution Evolution

Resolutions, reso-SHMU-tions… It’s time for a Resolution Evolution! There’s a sad, modern day association with the well-meaning practice of making New Year’s Resolutions.  They are now known as promises that are MADE TO BE BROKEN.  Their original intent throughout history (a article on the topic sites Ancient Babylon, the Roman Empire under Julius Caesar and, more recently, Christian traditions dating back about 300 years) was to commit to making positive changes in one’s life.

See, the thing is, changing oneself is almost impossible without external and higher assistance.

Resolution Evolution Step 1: Ask

As a Christian, Holy Spirit is the only one who can really change me.  Indeed, I can and should pray to ask for the changes myself, but without Him, the changes won’t occur or if I do pull it off by my own merit, they won’t remain. So I prayed.  I continue to pray as I go along.  My prayers are loaded with expectation and more and more aligned with God’s will for my life.

That’s the higher assistance.  The external assistance is really a motivating factor that is not about you or what you personally want.

Resolution Evolution Step 2: Dig Deep Within Yourself

As I work to develop Food Life Evolution with my first two clients, I have discovered that one of the first steps is to nail down your motivation.  Thinking back to the impetus behind Really Nourish, the clear and frank truth of the matter was that Mount Sinai was NOT going to consider me a potential kidney donor for my dad unless I changed my health.  It was a sunny, hot day in June when I learned that we were a perfect blood match for the transplant.  That is the day that I got into gear.

It was this motivation that helped me get through rough times, like my first two “free sugar free” days.  Sitting chatting with my dad the way we used to do when I was a teenager after my mother had gone off to work was a wonderful experience to have as an adult.  I had the pleasure of seeing him have cute conversations with my 7-year-old daughter.  I thought about bringing my family to Dominica to see the beautiful estate he had built there.  This was also my mother’s legacy.  He just had to get off of dialysis so any of that could be possible.  That’s how I got through the first 6 months of my Food Life Evolution.

As part of the very first session clients will have with (the future) Food Life Evolution team, we will nail this down.  We will zero in on your motivation.  Identifying that something to remind yourself of when you feel weak will be key to your success.

Resolution Evolution Step 3: Motivation Evolution

Some people’s motivation will last them through their life and keep them motivated to sustain their new food life no matter how tough things get.  For example, a lady I’m working with now has felt the call of God to travel on missions.  We discussed this.  If you are on medication for diabetes and heart disease, missions travel is not possible.  During Pre-Field Missions Training, I learned that people with such issues are discouraged from traveling.  The conditions on missions trips are not designed to accommodate more than the basic needs of the missionary.  This is motivation that can sustain.  Her children are grown and this is how she wants to spend the rest of her life.

For me, my initial motivation was temporal.  I succeeded by God’s grace.  The kidney donation was a success.  Indeed, even my motivation to stay in my newly evolved food life had to evolve.  You have been that motivation.  My fellow man, who’s suffering has continued and increased under the global food regime, has been the ever-present motivator for me to stay this course.  The desire to continue to report on law changes, food labeling, to share ideas and bring you into my experiences during the evolution of my Food Life has added a level of accountability that keeps me on point.

See my first annual accountability report here.

Why Is Motivation Evolution So Important?

So you want to be alive and well enough to celebrate your last child’s graduation from High School?  You want to be around for the birth of your first grandchild?  You want to be the perfect date for your spouse at your 15th, 20th, 25th High School Reunion?  What happens when you realize those dreams?

The problem this detail addresses is this:  things are changing in the world.  More people are examining their food choices more closely.  Food processors are finding ways to repackage their products to respond to the changing tide.  Nonetheless, your Food Life Evolution will still have you swimming against the tide.  The changes are happening slowly.  Because the power brokers in the global food system, Big Pharma and Big Healthcare still have their profits as their priority, some changes may be superficial, while others will be hampered by much resistance.

Therefore, your motivation has to sustain you over the many years to come.  It has to inform not only your Food Life, but the food lives of your family, especially the children in your life.  Also, once again, your motivation must be about something bigger than you.

So let the Evolution begin.  Call it a resolution if you wish, but let the motivation take it out of a temporal realm and into the realm of a true and permanent life change.

If it’s a resolution, this should be the last year you have to make it.  

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