Really Nourish Faith Garden: By Any Means Necessary
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Faith Garden: By Any Means Necessary

Well, maybe not by any means, but I write this post: Faith Garden: By Any Means Necessary because in spite of all the changes I have endured in terms of the roof over my head, I will find a way to grow some food.  At the moment, all I  have around my apartment door is concrete.  Nonetheless, a garden now grows.

Take that, 2017!  You tried to knock me down but you couldn’t.  I’m a Genesis 1 Daughter of The Soil no matter what.  So I prayed for a way.  Little by little the answer came and now I present my Urban Faith Garden in the Trinidadian countryside.


Like I said, Faith Garden: By Any Means Necessary

After we lost our bed in a fire this year, we were given this old rusty cot to use until we were able to buy a new one.  Once we did, we had no place to put the cot.  It sat in our apartment for a couple of months, and I was begrudged to look at it day in and day out.  This did not seem to bother my husband, who used it to hang the most recently removed sweaty shirt or wet bath towel on it.  I said numerous times “I want this out of my house”.  And indeed I got what I asked for, but God’s plan was better than mine!

Faith Garden: By Any Means Necessary
Really Nourish Faith Garden: Upcycled Cot and Recycled Water Bottles

So here’s the cot.  As soon as a friend started talking to me about using water bottles to make a garden, the cot came to mind as the perfect venue.  She had suggested I use the fence outside my home.  I can imagine this will grow and we will need that fence before too long.  Nonetheless, I thought first how much I’d like to make this a full-on recycle-upcycle project, while clearing the large piece of debris out of my home. Another cool feature about this garden is that it is on wheels, so I can shift it and turn it for whatever reasons – sunlight for plants, catch a rain shower, move it away from the wall to paint…

What’s Growing

I was given a little selection of plants and a window box pot.  There’s pimento peppers, bodie (a long, green string bean that is very popular in Trinidad) and ochro (aka okra) in that.  Along the front up top we are regrowing spring onions (aka scallions, locally known here as cive), chandon beni (aka culantro) and mint.  We have two larger-leaved varieties of thyme and some Jamaican mint.  We seeded one row of bottle-pots with organic salad blend seeds, and one bottle that once held coconut oil with some sugar daddy snap peas.


Prepping the Bottles


Faith Garden: By Any Means Necessary
I heated a screw driver up on the stove. I did this while cooking so as not to waste gas.
  1. This screwdriver has a set of changeable bits that go into the top.  I used a small hexagon-shaped head.
  2. I used this to get nice even holes in the bottoms of the bottles, as well as a couple of holes one either side about a 1/4 inch from the lip of the cut open edge to pass the strings through.Faith Garden: By Any Means Necessary
  3. Stringing them up first made it easy to work with my pregnant belly limiting my ability to bend down.  I scooped some soil into each bottle and, dangling it by the strings, I tapped the planter on the ground gently several times to compact the soil a bit.  Then I topped up if needed and either stuck in plants and bulbs or set seeds.


Updates to come, so subscribe or join the mailing list so you don’t miss anything!  Also, please pray along with us for success.  What does “success” mean for the Really Nourish Faith Garden, you ask?

As far as Really Nourish is concerned, success is that we grow more than enough food for our needs.  We will share the overflow with our neighbors!

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