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Brown Sugar: Is There Really a Diabetes Diaspora?

I believe it is still being widely said and believed that Black and Latino people are more prone to diabetes than other ethnic groups.  This would make us something of a Diabetes Diaspora, right? This suggests that God made some people with defects, inferior to others.  I rebuke that notion of a Diabetes Diaspora.  Obesity and diabetes are rampant in ALL diasporas in the United States in pandemic proportions. You would think that now that that this myth would be dispelled, but we know better than that, don’t we?

Last year, I made a Really Nourish video covering this topic with a very fascinating history finding that helps to explain how this Diabetes Diaspora myth came into existence.

If you haven’t already, you need to see this video.  It SHATTERS the myth of the Diabetes Diaspora.

Next time you talk to your doctor, you can school them in an area they probably have no idea about.  Many still believe that genetics plays a big role.  The truth is it’s only a small factor.  The largest factor is diet, and what you eat can activate or deactivate the genes in question in your body.  Because, again, God does NOT make defects.

Honestly, in 2017, your doctor should be talking to you about major dietary changes to REVERSE diabetes or whatever lifestyle disease you were diagnosed with.  If not, you might consider giving yourself the gift that keeps on giving this year: A primary care physician that has a clue!


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