8 Day Really Nourish Yourself Devo Day 8: Bless Others
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8 Day Really Nourish Yourself Devo Day 8: Bless Others

Making it to 8 Day Really Nourish Yourself Devo Day 8: Bless Others is a milestone!  Obviously you are on a kingdom agenda.  Many would not go this route to improving themselves, but you did.  Why did you choose this road?  Because it wasn’t just about how you look.  It was about your mandate as a Christian.  It is much harder and a lot less convincing to go and tell the nations about the free gift of salvation if you are visibly and internally unhealthy.

8 Day Really Nourish Yourself Devo Day 8: Bless Others – The Best News Ever! 

After the first 4-6 weeks of applying your fresh, new biblical perspective to your life, you will have results to strengthen

8 Day Really Nourish Yourself Devo Day 8: Bless Others
The Best News EVER!

your testimony.  Now you can share the great news with others.  You can testify to people in your ministry, but also, you can connect your good news with the gospel of salvation outside the church.

Many people are waking up every day and grateful to be in the land of the living, but as we talked about on Day 4, their lives may not be how God intended.  More than 75% of Americans take at least one prescription medication every single day.  Hospitals everywhere in the world are over-populated and under-staffed.  Can you imagine that even Christians are walking around with diseases that they have been told are incurable?  Isn’t that what the doctors told the woman with the issue of blood?

Luke 8:43 (KJV) And a woman having an issue of blood twelve years, which had spent all her living upon physicians, neither could be healed of any,

She would not take no for an answer.  She pressed through throngs of people, unhindered by the sickness she had endured for 12 years that made her stink.  Her goal was to only touch the hem of His garment.

Luke 8:48 (KJV) And he said unto her, Daughter, be of good comfort: thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace.

She was healed by her faith.  This woman chased Jesus down because she trusted Him.  The doctors she spent all her money on failed, but God prevailed.  The best news ever is that Jesus died so we could have life and have it more abundantly.  The promise is not just life, existence, seeing another day.  The promise is an abundant life.

8 Day Really Nourish Yourself Devo Day 8: Bless Others – Own Your Testimony

What makes your testimony so important is that you got your answers to your physical and medical problems from scripture.  Your message is vital now, for not only does it show people how to overcome, it also shows them that God has the answers they need.  In fact, much like that woman from Luke 8, many have been dealing for years, even decades, with weight problems, heart, liver or kidney problems, diabetes, depression and other mental illnesses, and autoimmune diseases.  The answers revealed in this devotional address all of these issues.

One thing you can do at this stage is get a check up and blood work, then do it again 6 weeks from now to see what has changed.  Not only will you wow your doctor, but you will also have some science-based evidence to strengthen your testimony.

You are on the hard road now, but owning your testimony will help you continue on your new path.  The more you tell your story, the more you will stay on the road you have embarked upon, because now that you are telling others, they will look to you as an example.  Just as you sought a support system on Day 5, you will be a source of support and encouragement for others now.

8 Day Really Nourish Yourself Devo Day 8: Bless Others – Give

Here are some more great things YOU can do to bless others:

  • Be someone’s war counsel.  God is so sweet, He has a perfectly harmonious way of connecting people.  You will start coming into contact with more people who want to do what you are doing.  Be ready to offer support and advice.  Share scriptures and recipes, or bible case studies and shopping advice.  Take someone to lunch at a restaurant with a Really Nourish-friendly menu or invite them over.
  • Offer help in your church.  Car pool members of your church to health food stores and supermarkets they could not normally get to easily.  Run a healthy food drive, or offer to help out with some new, healthier recipes in the soup kitchen.
  • Give.  Give away clean, healthy food of the quality you yourself now adhere to.  Here’s a short article about that.
    8 Day Really Nourish Yourself Devo Day 8: Bless Others
    My dad and I, one month after our transplant at a Living Donor Meet and Greet event.

    Give money to and/or volunteer time with a food activist organization.

  • Donate. Consider becoming an organ donor.  Now that you have a clean, healthy body, help someone who needs a kidney or liver by being a living donor.  Here’s an article about my experience donating.  Also, check that box on your driver’s license.
  • Get your children involved.  Teach them these principles now, so they never have to go through what you may have gone through in their lives.

In Matthew 25, Jesus told a parable involving a king.  The king says that people saw him in so much need  and  they fed him, took him in, clothed him and took care of him.  The righteous people were puzzled by this.  They asked him something like “when did all this happen?” His reply in verse 40 is “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ (NIV).

Be generous with your good fruit.  Bless as many other people as you can with it.

8 Day Really Nourish Yourself Devo Day 8: Bless Others – Scriptures 

In the book of Matthew 25:31-40, 28:16-20

Luke 8:43-48

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