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Future of Dominica: Prototype for the Future of Planet Earth

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**Thank You so much for taking an interest in Dominica!  Please enjoy this brief article about the future we all share!**

I have written largely about food and wine in my adult life as a scribe.  The thing about food in particular is that it is not just an extremely broad topic, but from the perspective of Really Nourish, it encompasses more than just the superficial consideration of what is at the other end of your fork.  I am a food activist, and as such, I have touched on topics that seem to have little to do with food, but are all affected by the individual and collective choices we make about what we eat.  This is why my investment in my motherland, the Commonwealth of Dominica, has taken this shape.

Images from Dominica’s past: Pointe Michel Children in the early 70’s

Instead of joining the cacaphony of prayer requests and GoFundMe campaigns, my tactic is to focus on the cause, effect and solutions that Hurricane Maria’s first landfall at her strongest force brought to light.

Yes, the situation at present, less than one month after that fateful night, is desperate.   People need prayers, food, clean water, clothing and shelter, because at the moment, they have none of that.  It is my hope that in the short term, opportunistic dumping of inferior, GMO, chemical-laden food doesn’t plague Dominicans.  Miss us wit’ dat.  Clean, nourishing food is their God given birthright, and since we know that the world is producing much more food than is needed to feed every living soul, a redistribution of food is quite in order, not just for Dominica, but for the more than 1 billion people living in food insecurity worldwide.  One of my short term missions is to bring a high standard of food aid to Dominica’s shores.  That has Really Nourish written all over it!

Apart from meeting immediate needs, the nation was decimated and needs to be rebuilt, from Marigot to Scott’s Head, literally from scratch.  Future of Dominica is the incarnation of a vision of a Dominica rebuilt in this era of Climate Change.

Dominica’s Future: What kind of world will these children grow up in? Will their new country help shape the future?

Could Dominica be the place where new standards of building, powering, watering, schooling and farming be incorporated into a fully functioning society that is designed to withstand the consequences of global warming?

Will people from all over the world come to Dominica to see and experience how this amazing achievement works, looking for ideas to take back to their countries to make changes?

This is the future I would like to see for Dominica.  Indeed, the future of the Commonwealth of Dominica can be pivotal in shaping the future of the world.

That future can start today.

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