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Pray for the Plant Kingdom

Prayer for The Plant Kingdom
Why do we need to pray for the Plant Kingdom?
Dominion is a big responsibility. God does not make mistakes, so we know that His choice to put us in charge was the right one. Now, here we are, falling down on the job.

It is easy to dismiss the needs of plants, because although they are living beings, they aren’t sentient ones. They just exist to supply human beings… thus the imperative to care well for them. God gave them to us to be pleasing to look at and good for food (Genesis 2:9). For them to continue to be able to do that, we must care for them diligently. If we neglect them, they will not be able to serve their purpose in our lives. Therefore, there exists a symbiosis between man and plants: they need us, but also, we need them.

Man, with his hard heart, has always had an inclination towards conquest of that which is weaker. Plants, from the tallest trees in the world down to the smallest dandelions in your front yard, have become a favorite target. Man has declared war on them. Our job was to steward them, but because there are those of them for whom we could not fully understand their existence and purpose, we justify destroying them to eliminate them from where we have decided we do not want them to exist any longer. We shot first and we asked questions later.

When we did start really asking the questions, we started to get some answers.

What was the purpose of all those trees, we asked, that are occupying so much land that we could use to raise livestock? Their purposes, we discovered, was to provide much needed carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, provide an ecosystem for countless animal species, and be a source of healing natural medicines for mankind, among others.

I always loved dandelions! They are pretty, and also nutritious!

Caution to man: if you continue to cut down the Amazon, you will cause damage to this world. We asked more questions. We even discovered that those dandelions fit both of God’s plant criteria from Genesis 2:9. They are both pleasing to look at and good for food!

Nonetheless, the war rages on, and we are systematically losing. From the perspective of the small group of people for whom the continuance of this war is a matter of profit and loss, we are winning and positioned to continue to win. As far as the rest of mankind is concerned, we are losing biodiversity, we are losing nutrition sources and natural healing resources and , as a result, we are losing the wellness we were ordained to have in this life on earth. Indeed, our prayer does not need to ask for God’s care over them. He does that already. Our prayer is to end the war that has been waged against them so that they can recover and fill the earth again as they should.

Prayer for the Plant Kingdom
To you, Jehovah Nissi, our banner of victory in times of warfare, be the glory and all the honor. We thank you, great Jehovah Jireh, for all that You have provided us from the beginning of our existence to this very day, and all that You will provide us forever.

We come to you in prayer for Your intervention in the war that is being waged against the plants You created and gave us for our food, our medicine and our pleasure. We pray for them because they cannot pray for themselves, and we pray that You protect them as only You can because we need them for so many reasons to sustain the quality of life that You, Our Loving Father, want us to have on earth.

We come against the corporations that continue to produce plant killing poisons for profit and we pray that You intervene and stop them from their evil works. We pray that You send Your ministering angels to speak to the hearts of the leaders of those industries, for only You know how to speak to the hearts of men.

We come against the ranchers that are continuing to cut down the Amazon rainforest You painstakingly created. They do this to serve their money god, but You are the only true God and we know You can bring an end to their evil works.

We pray for the protection of the remaining plants on earth. We pray that You cover them in the blood of Jesus so they may live and proliferate in the biodiversity that You

Judah the Gardener Really Nourish
Judah is learning how to plant and grow bulbs using cuttings of cive (scallion/spring onion/green onion). Recycled water bottle as planter.

created. We pray for abundance in every urban garden, organic farm, kitchen and home garden, and every acre of jungle, forest, prairie, woodland and bush land that has not yet been attacked. We pray Father that You protect them from any future attacks. We pray that every soul on earth be inspired to plant, grow and seek out clean, nourishing food just as You gave Adam to do in Eden, for we know that is how You want us to live and we know that when Jesus returns, this is how we will live in the New Jerusalem.  Also, we pray that You inspire parents to teach their children the importance of plants and gardening as they train them up in the way that they should go.

Father, we know that once all this plant killing stops, that Your creation will reclaim the earth and the plants we thought were lost forever will return. We know the plant kingdom will flourish again despite all of mankind’s foolish attempts to subdue it. You set the original seeds, and our faith rests fully in You.

We ask, we believe, we receive, in the majestic name of Jesus. Amen

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