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The Genesis Lifespan Shift: How Shortening Other Animals’ Lives Shortened Ours

Real Longevity

The genealogy of Adam is detailed in Genesis 5 all the way to Noah.  This is eight generations, including Methuselah of the famous cliché “Older than Methuselah”.  Adam and Eve had Seth when Adam was 130 years old (v3).  He then lived another 800 years, during which time he had more sons and daughters and died at age 930 (v4-5).

This pattern repeats over and over during the next 8 generations.  The pattern goes:

  1. Have a first or a key offspring sometime between ages 100-200 (except Enosh, who has Kenan at age 90 in v9 and Enoch who fathers Methuselah at the tender age of 65 in v21) .
  2. Live a 1496786952212628264633minimum of 770 years (Lamech, father of Noah v31), the oldest, of course, being Methuselah (Noah’s grandfather) crushing the scales at 969 years of age! (v27)

Lamech was 182 at the time of his son Noah’s birth (v28), then Noah doesn’t father Ham, Shem and Japheth until he is a ripe 500 years old himself (v32)!

Old but Not Feeble

Once the ark is built in chapter 7, the flood comes, Noah was 600 years old (v6). We can imagine that although Noah was rather old, he was fit, not at all feeble, to have been able to sire three children and build the world’s largest sea-going vessel with the just the help of 3 very young sons (still under the age of 100 themselves) and no modern machinery.


Shorter Post-Flood Lifespans

Then, in chapter 11, we have a detailed record of the genealogy of Noah up to Abram (Abraham) after the tower of Babel fiasco.  Shem fatheredArpachshad 2 years after the flood at age 100 (v10) and lived another 500 years after that, so he was 600 when he died.

Then, in an abrupt shift, Arpachshad fathers Shelah at only 35 years of age (v12) and lives only another 403 years, never making it as far as 440.  This continues, and the lifespans continually decrease.  Nahor, the grandfather of Abram, fathers Abram’s father Terah at the tender age of 29 (v24) and only lives another 119 years (v25).  That means he died at age 148!

Terah fathers Abram, (a second) Nahor and Haran at 70 (v26), the one anomaly in these next 9 generations, but he too only lives a total of 205 years (v32).  The three generations after Shem surpass the 400 mark, which is less than half the pre-flood average lifespan, then the lifespans decrease by almost another half again so people  are barely making it past their 200th birthdays.  We know that when God tells Abraham he and Sarah are going to have a child they scoff, considering themselves aged out of childbearing at ages 100 and 90 respectively.  They laughed at the thought, in fact, the name Isaac (the child they begat indeed, just as God had promised they would) means laughter!  They found it hard to believe that even God could make such a thing happen, either not knowing or forgetting that their ancestors were having children well into their 100’s and living to see their 900th birthdays routinely for 8 generations.


There are various theories around about why this lifespan shift occurs: environmental changes after the flood, natural disasters, genetics etc.  These are speculations based on  worldly knowledge with no scriptural support.  There is no detail of the causes of death for any of the generations we just listed.  There is no record of natural disasters that changed the air or soil quality.  There is no scripture detailing any genetic anomaly in Shem that carried through his descendants. There is no other mention of anything directly affecting human health EXCEPT for a major dietary shift after the flood.   The Holy Bible is the revealed word of God and the scripture reveals clearly that mankind was newly authorized by God to eat animal flesh as a primary source of nourishment after the flood and shortly thereafter their lifespans shrank generation after generation until they were reduced by more than 75% by the time of Abraham’s birth.

Like Manna From Heaven

Picture it: Genesis 9.  The entire world has just spent roughly 5 months under water with the only remaining life existing and waiting on The Ark.  The dove came back with the branch, The Ark docks on land that has just started to peek out above the slowly declining water line.  The door opens up and every soul can now go ashore.

A beautiful rainbow appears in the sky as God makes his covenant with Noah, along with a new proclamation regarding nourishment.  Whereas in Genesis 1:29-30 He gives man and animals all the plants to eat (herb yielding seed, fruit with seeds in them and every green leaf shall be your “meat” according to KJV), in verse 3 of this chapter He now gives mankind animals to eat (every moving things shall be food for you; I give you everything as I gave you the green plants and vegetables. AMP).

He placed a few restrictions on that right away, with more to come later in the book of Leviticus, but this is a major shift in the human diet ordained by God.  We know there was carnivory long before this point after the fall of man – Abel, Adam’s son, was a herdsman – but based on what we know about the ancient human diet, we can imagine that this was largely relegated to sacrificial purposes, and certainly meat was not eaten on a daily basis in as large portions – no 8oz porterhouse steaks for dinner!  But now, after a 150 day worldwide flood, all the ground on which plants could grow submerged in the depths of the all consuming oceans, we can surmise that the ordained carnivory was a necessary move by God because we see in the final verse of Chapter 8 that He re-instated seedtime and harvest. He did not chose to fast track the return of the plants in His grand wisdom to sustain the order he originally established and deemed “Very Good” in the beginning, so there were not any plants to eat for a time.  Noah was instructed to take enough food on the ark to feed everyone just for the duration of the cruise.  Now the waters recede, the doors are opened and God sets His rainbow in the clouds.  And we are now authorized to eat the flesh of other animals.

Some omnivorous advocates argue that populations in the Arctic live solely on flesh – mainly aquatic animals and some birds – and have a very low incidence of disease.  There is at least one incidence in the bible where a unique diet was prescribed in extreme conditions.  During Exodus, the children of Israel couldn’t have planted and cultivated food or livestock  as they traveled through the desert, so God sent Manna from heaven to sustain them, then quails that just flew over and dropped down on their dinner plates, and He provided water. All of that temporary provision stopped when they (second generation, as it were) were finally able to settle in the promised land and resume normal life.

What’s my point?

Like manna from heaven, the animal flesh provision was to fill a gap.  In the Arctic, the conditions don’t allow for enough plant-based food to sustain human life, this is an exceptional case.  But most of mankind wasn’t living there then and does not live there now.  After the flood, as the plants returned, mankind should have defaulted back to God’s original provision: The Genesis 1 Diet.  Perhaps it was man’s sin nature that compelled him to continue to slaughter animals for food much more often than truly necessary.

That’s a big statement, right?? Let me explain.

He Purposed in His Heart not to Defile Himself

Fast forward to one of my favorite prophets, Daniel, when we first meet him in chapter 1 of his eponymous book.  We see that, unlike our Nile-spoilt ancestors, he and his four-man crew decline the king’s offering, choosing instead to #GoVegan (v8-15). The evidence of God’s approval of this act of obedience is clear in that God caused the palace official to show Daniel special favor (v9), and we see the positive results of the vegetable and water diet in verses 15-21 and throughout the rest of the book.  (See The Prophecy of Delicacies)

It is worth noting that Daniel chose Genesis 1 instead of Leviticus 11 (the basis of Kosher law – after all, Daniel was Jewish) to glorify God in his food choices.  When we consider Leviticus, there are theories as to why God approves some animals and forbids others, but we can gather two main points from this body of scripture:

1. That we must glorify Him in EVERY area of our lives, even in our food choices and

2. He placed a bunch of restrictions on the animals (probably in the context of how we, His dominion creatures, had chosen to feed ourselves in general), but none on the plants, which are what He initially provided for us at creation and deemed “Very Good”.

From Noah to Shem

Noah’s first task, according to scripture, was to go back to gardening  (v20, the NIV refers to him as “a man of the soil”). God just said “Hey, you guys can have a burger now!” but Noah chose instead to carry on the practices he was raised on, likely adhering largely to a plant-based diet (he was 600+ years of age, old habits die hard!).  He lived to be 950.

Shem, on the other hand, a young man with a new world under his dominion and a new decree from God that allows him to live on lamb kebabs and chicken fingers, doesn’t make it past 600.  And all his descendants lived shorter lives than he did.

In these modern times, we expect the opposite: that our children live longer lives than us.  We glorify science for that phenomenon.  But according to a 2005 NY Times article, for the first time in 2 centuries, children are expected to have possibly shorter, definitely less healthy lives because of what they are being fed.

1496784262706-62784804We need to hold science accountable for that as well with their inventions that make it possible to have a plethora of convenience food, preservatives , agricultural chemicals, livestock medication, concentrated animal feeding centers, etc.  

Biblical evidence shows us that when man began to eat a more animal-based diet, his lifespan shrank dramatically.  Can you live 900 years by becoming vegetarian today?? LOL probably not, but the evidence is clear and modern science (for those who need more than The Holy Bible) concurs that a plant-based diet supports a longer life in a healthier body.  The fountain of youth is not a fountain at all.  It is a garden!

And maybe, just maybe, if we turn the tide of food abuse in this world, our offspring 8 generations from now will get back to those high three digit ages.  How cool would that be????

Did God Shorten Our Lifespans Tho?

In Genesis 6, God was disgusted by our behaviour. In his frustration, He made a statement about our lifespans.

Then the LORD said, “My Spirit will not contend with humans forever, for they are mortal; their days will be a hundred and twenty years.”

Genesis 6:3 NIV

Could we take this to mean that God shortened our lifespans of his own accord?  One could say that, but it is not in His character to cut lives short.  On the contrary, He promises us a long life of a high quality in many scriptures throughout The Bible.  Knowing God, the probability is that He was making a prophecy based on what He knew we were about to experience with our interpretation of His proclamation of provision.  In other words, He had already seen how we act, so He knew we would be shortening our own lives.  Later on, the book of Psalms says we will live only 70 years, 80 if we are lucky.  That is likely based on actual lifespans at the time, because we can make it closer to 100 more frequently these days.

1496783751353-1188077040Modern Evidence Supports Biblical Wisdom 

We now know that animal protein consumed in the form of dairy (cow’s milk, cheese etc) is linked to numerous cancers, bone loss (ironically, we were lead to believe that we desperately needed the calcium in dairy to combat this), heart disease, digestive problems, sinus problems, ear infections and Type 1 diabetes.

We know that animal flesh over-consumption is linked to a wide array of diseases including cancer and high blood pressure, the latter of which is the harbinger of a host of other issues.  We know that many people have been cured of these diseases by simply changing their diet to a plant-based diet.  Also, not just a plant-based diet, but one rich in whole grains (herb yielding seed, Gen 1:11, 29), omitting the refined carbohydrates prevalent in the modern food system.

(sources include but are not limited to Dr. Sebi , Dr. Joseph Mercola, The China Study, 1496783043119687365693Fed Up Documentary, Cowspiracy Documentary, The Truth About Cancer)

But What About Protein Y’All????

Show of hands, how many of you know someone who died of a protein deficiency?  How many of you have had a doctor tell you that you need to eat more protein to help you with a health problem that you’re dealing with?

They will be appalled at the sight of each other and will waste away because of their sin.

Ezekiel 4:17 NIV

We can get all the protein we need from plant sources and there is no real danger of protein deficiency if you were to stop consuming animal-based foods altogether.  That spirit of fear is straight out of Satan’s tool box to keep us killing ourselves with the very food we eat!

Ezekiel 4 gives us some insight into Satan’s plan to use our own food as a tool to weaken God’s people, indeed we are appalled at the sight of each other and many are wasting away.  The wasting away, in this era, is disguised as the opposite: Obesity.  We are so appalled by this sight that a new political incorrectness now exists in the form of “fat bashing”.  People suffering from obesity are ironically wasting away from malnutrition. In this case, the sin is allowing our flesh to dictate what we put inside of our temples.  Proverbs 23:1-3 tells us that there is deception perpetrated in our food system by the oligarchs of our society, it is our warning.

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

2 Timothy 1:7 KJV

We have sound minds that can, if we want, seek the powerful knowledge in His word and in the world on this topic, apply it (that’s wisdom) and share it with others (that’s love).

I love each and every one of you and I am officially inviting you all to my 120th birthday party!

I will be the cute one on the dance floor bringing back the whip and nay-nay!






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