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8 Day Really Nourish Yourself Devo Day 6: Trust No One 😕

8 Day Really Nourish Yourself Devo Day 6: Trust No One

8 Day Really Nourish Yourself Devo Day 6: Trust No One is an ominous title, but it fits this very relevant, universal message.  My friend, it’s time to get into the meat of things (pun intended).  That narrow, hard road, that leads to life abundant according to His promise is so hard because we have trusted the wrong ones with the sacred duty of stewarding our world’s food.

8 Day Really Nourish Yourself Devo Day 6: Trust No One
Product names and labels make claims to lead you to believe in virtues they don’t contain. The governments allow them to do this.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading on the topic of food  – 📚 I’ve been through numerous books plus countless Bible scriptures and documentaries – and one important paradigm constantly reveals itself throughout all the different narratives: trust.

You intrinsically want to trust your food.  All of us do.  We want to trust that marketers are being honest about what’s in the products in the supermarket and on the menu, that they are disclosing all details and using safe ingredients, inputs and methods for us.  We want to trust our governments to protect us from those who might want to violate that trust when it means their bottom line will look better.

8 Day Really Nourish Yourself Devo Day 6: Trust No One – Only God

It would be nice if everyone were trustworthy, but as we know, the only one we can trust is Jehovah Jireh.

8 Day Really Nourish Yourself Devo Day 6: Trust No One
Food For Life’s Ezekiel 4:9 bread lives up to its name – ingredients straight from that bible verse and sprouted grains.

The prophet Ezekiel foretold the impending overthrow of Israel and Judah by Babylon.  On day 3 of this devo, I gave you the link to our video illustrating his prophesy.  I hope you watched it!

In chapter 4 of his book, he acts out the prophesy in a stunning performance.  It’s interesting to recognized the Jesus blueprint, a sort of preview that God gives us in the Old Testament in Ezekiel.  The Lord calls him “Son of Man” and puts four centuries of the sins of others on him.  But in fact Ezekiel was a natural born man like you and I, and so the question of what he was supposed to do for food during this 15 month long performance piece needed a natural answer.

God knows what we need before we ask.  He gave young Zeek a recipe (those of you who are a fan of Food for Life’s eponymous bread know this one well):

Also take for yourself wheat, barley, beans, lentils, millet and spelt; put them into one vessel and make bread of them for yourself.  During the number of days you lie on your side, three hundred and ninety days, you shall eat it.

Ezekiel 4:9 NKJV

It’s all Ezekiel would need.  No bacon-egg-and-cheese, coffee-light-n-sweet, two-doubles-with-everything-slight-pepper for breakfast.  Just God’s recipe.  My kidney donor team nutritionist recently explained to me that the combination of beans (beans and lentils) and grains (wheat, barley, millet and spelt) makes a perfect protein and contains a robust package of nutrients, minerals, calories and fiber.  In God we trust.


8 Day Really Nourish Yourself Devo Day 6: Trust No One – Not Even Your Lawmakers

We need to be aware that we cannot blindly trust the food marketers and the lawmakers.  While your intention is to get God’s standard of nourishment into your temple and your family, they are driven by money.  The money compromises their integrity.  This is how Schwan IMG_1848Corporation was able to convince members of congress to keep pizza on the school food menus in America by explaining that tomato paste is akin to a vegetable.   🍕=🍅??

This is also how they get the green light to propagate so many genetically engineered crops and ⚗☠ and use hundreds of chemicals in our food and personal hygiene products so freely.  Keep yourself well informed about government food policies and the lack thereof where they are desperately needed.  Inform yourself which agencies oversee it all.  Find out hat laws exist and are being proposed (and by whom!) and the meanings of words and symbols on food.

For example, while there is a clear legal definition for “Organic” enforced by the USDA, there is no definition for “Natural” nor is there any restriction preventing this word’s use on any food label.

8 Day Really Nourish Yourself Devo Day 6: Trust No One – Verify by Scripture

The Ezekiel 4:9 bread recipe is comprised of six versions of God’s first provision for us – 🌾 herb that yields seed (Gen 1:11).  We can trust that this, His first love gift to us, is GOOD.  All caps GOOD!  After He created it, He Himself proclaimed it GOOD.  In fact, when He was done creating everything, he deemed the whole creation VERY GOOD, all inclusive.  We can trust in that GOODness. (Refer back to Day 2 – Renew Your Mind)

🌱 We can trust that His process of seed, time and harvest is the only 100% reliable system for producing real food just as he established in Genesis 8:23, and that He doesn’t need the help of agricultural chemicals or genetic engineering to feed man and animal.

We can trust in the food He provided in its pure forms 🍒🍍🌽🍅🍆, but we cannot trust in what man manipulated and packaged 🍟🍔🍕. The more it is processed, the further it is from God’s original creation, and so the further it is from God’s trustworthiness.  We cannot trust it.

8 Day Really Nourish Yourself Devo Day 6: Trust No One – His Food Heals

Food is medicine, said Hippocrates.  Yet our modern physicians receive minimal education, if any, on nutrition.  This is inconsistent with God’s provision.  What He provided us is both preventative (to sustain us, as in Genesis 1:29-30) and therapeutic (blessed by Him to take away sickness, as in Exodus 23:25) medicine for the body, including the mind.  Good, Godly nourishment can turn the tide on ANY disease.  Pharmaceutical medication can’t match food’s track record of healing.  We can’t trust in the physicians and their staff.  We can trust in ❤️💛💚Dr. Jesus, the real healer.


8 Day Really Nourish Yourself Devo Day 6: Trust No One – Next Steps

Now that you are seeing food so differently, it is time to apply your divinely inspired discernment.  As you are learning, this is the narrow, hard road indeed!  In urban areas especially, it can be expensive and time consuming just to find fresh, wholesome food.  For those who aren’t well versed in food and cooking, preparing food from scratch can be challenging.  Thrive Market is a great resource for organic and non-gmo foods, including some easy-to-prepare items.  They offer those goods at much lower prices than supermarkets and ship direct to your door.  Join and shop online!  Also, thanks to the efforts of their CEO Gunnar Lovelace, some SNAP recipients can use their cards to get fresh, organic produce online.  (Read about that here)

Also, be bold in your choice, no matter where you go.  People may consider you rude or ungrateful when you decline the defiled, deceptive food they offer you at their homes or special events.  In those circumstances, just remember Daniel in  the first chapter.  God had His front, and He will have yours too.  Through Him, all things are possible!

We can’t trust in flesh.  We can trust in God.


8 Day Really Nourish Yourself Devo Day 6: Trust No One – Scriptures and Video

Meditate on:

Genesis 1:11-12, 29-30

Exodus 23:25

Ezekiel 1

Watch: The Really Nourish Movement GMO 101

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