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Nourish Bites: In the War on Sugar, You Need Weapons 🍌⚔

Once I decided, in May 2015, to join the battle against sugar and the ills that it causes, I realized two things:

1️⃣ Dang, I consume a lot more sugar than I thought I did! And

2️⃣ I need to replace what I’m eliminating with something that is not only not poisonous, but that is healthy, tasty and satisfying.

So I started shopping in the bulk section of the supermarket to find snack ideas. Eventually, I ended up with a great weapon with which I have seen many victories, including losing 32 pounds, excellent blood test results, and even saving a few dollars that would have been spent fending off cravings as I go through normal days!

It’s a trail mix. Yes, a trail mix. But I caution you against just buying a pre-fab mix yourself because you don’t know how much sugar could be hiding in that.

The only sugar in the following recipe is in the raisins, and if you’ve been following The Really Nourish Movement posts and videos, you know that sugar in God’s perfect packaging is a much better option.

We mixed a big batch with the following ingredients (everything was labeled organic):

Raw Almonds

Raw Hazelnuts

Coconut Chips

Thompson Seedless Raisins

Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds

Sprouted Sunflower Seeds

Fresh Lemon

Ground Flaxseed

Freshly Grated Nutmeg


Step 1: Put the nuts, seeds and raisins in a large bowl


Step 2: Grate nutmeg over the mix


Step 3: Sprinkle a little lemon juice over the mix (be careful not to get any seeds in there!)


Step 4: Top your trail mix off with some prayer and loving words and energy.


Step 5: Make your snack bags to grab when you need ’em!

These bags go in my handbag and my daughter’s school lunch bag. When I’m RWC (running with children) they are the perfect go to when the “mommy I’m hungry” chorus begins. I highly recommend these for upper grade students that have a few minutes between classes to dig in their back packs for a healthy snack. This way, by the time they get to the cafeteria, they can make better choices because they’re not racked with hunger.

A healthy trail mix will keep you out of “Crack Donald’s” and away from the newsstands, corner delis and pizzerias when hunger hits during the workday.  The key to this is that it is a healthy way to snack. So if you feel like munching at 10:30 in the morning, go right ahead! Then when it’s time for your lunch break, you won’t be “so hungry I can eat a horse”.  It’s the deprivation from “breakfast” (which often consists of stuff that lacks nutrition and don’t satisfy) to lunch that causes us to make those poor, impulsive choices. Snacking on good stuff is ok. In fact, having several small meals all day long is actually a more natural nourishment pattern than the breakfast-lunch-dinner routine we’ve all been raised on.

The sugar pushers have their game tight. We need to arm ourselves wisely to win the battle for our bodies. Food revolutionaries, locked and loaded!

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