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Nourish Book Review📚: The Organic Quest of Dr. Laufer

Rare is the non-fiction work that is hard to put down and keeps your senses aroused as

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high as an exciting novel.  Dr. Peter Laufer, PhD achieved that in this enlightening work, Organic: A Journalist’s Quest to Discover the Truth Behind Food Labeling.

It was an exciting quest, the unacceptable, hard to swallow realities of the international food production and distribution system probed by the intrepid Dr. Laufer with a peppering of humor and the salt of consistency throughout.

He is persistent, and I admire that greatly!  Never satisfied with a cursory blow-off answer from corporate and government types and keen to decipher bureaucratic code, Dr. Laufer volleys everything they serve.    In the middle, almost when you think you are growing a little jaded, Dr. Laufer’s quest comes to a climactic finale that reveals both the virtues and the evils that coexist in the sprawling industry.

He is part bureaucracy sleuth, part double-talk interpreter, and all activist.  After exhausting my list of food documentaries with which I educated myself, sharing all I have been learning through this website, my food life ever evolving, I picked this book up at the New York Public Library, looking to continue my food education evolution.  In it, Dr. Laufer has challenged me to step my research game up, to think more deeply and not to accept opacity when it comes to the very life giving nutrient source my family and I rely upon.

Dr. Laufer is right, we really should be asking more questions about our food.  I knew that before I read his book though.  What I learned anew from its pages was that while we know we should be asking more questions, we (me included) don’t really know the intricacies of the world food system and therefore may not get true insight by which we could make actual decisions. Thanks to Dr. Laufer, I now know better exactly what questions to ask.

This book gets 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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(This is my first book review, so let’s say that is a top rating. This author set the bar pretty high 🙂)

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