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Italiste Treat: RealPop Popcorn

With a thoughtfully stocked Italiste kitchen, the modern food revolutionary can even snack with purpose.

Here’s why we call this RealPop

1. Organic kernels bought in the supermarket bulk section.

2. Popped on the stovetop in organic extra virgin coconut oil.

3. Seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, Himalayan pink sea salt and a bit of Earth Balance vegan “butter”.

4. All ingredients deliver nutrients and/or minerals and are beneficial to the body.

5. None of the ingredients were chemically grown or genetically modified.

6. The overall cost of this treat was lower than the equivalent prepackaged, marketed version.

7. Apart from the small amount of gas it took to cook the popcorn, the money spent on this snack stayed out of the hands of Big Food.



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