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How can YOU let Farmers, Food Businesses and Legislators know you want BETTER FOOD and INFORMATIVE LABELING?

One way you can communicate with the powers that control what’s available to eat is cast your vote at the check out.  We all know the C.R.E.A.M. reality in this world thanks to the Wu right?

Cash Rules Everything Around MeVote at the Checkout

If we keep spending our grocery and restaurant dollars on the very “food” products that we know are bad for our health and the health of our children and our environment, they will keep making them and selling them, because spending our money on them communicates that we want them.

Every time you go to a cash register, you are casting your vote.  And every vote counts. Vote for better food, fruits and vegetables, Organic and Non-GMO food, and meat, eggs and dairy produced without growth hormones and antibiotics and raised the way God intended.




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