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The Sprouting Revolution 7/30/15 11:09EST

Sprouting Revolution Tweet According to

Sprouting, which is essentially, soaking the (nuts, seeds, beans and) grains, can help to produce our gut BFF—that friendly digestive bacteria—which aids in breaking down phytic acid as well as the enzyme inhibitors. This can also replenish B vitamins, which are crucial nutrients to keep us sane and focused. The soaked foods also help us to better digest proteins and gluten, and it keeps our lovely intestinal lining working so well that it’s worthy of bragging.

Organic World discussion on the sprouting revolution.
Organic World discussion on the sprouting revolution.

This healthy digestive state means we can experience a whole slew of other health benefits like enhanced immune performance, boosts in our energy levels and focus, and probably some sort of protection against zombies or vampires. Probably.”

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