It’s About Them

This is NOT about you.

This is about them. Your children who you gave up restful nights and bric-a-brac for. Those for whom you sacrificed couture dresses and the velvet couch to make way for breastfeeding and diaper changes. The stars of school plays and little league games, hosts of living room stuffed animal tea parties and askers of endless why’s.

Yes. Them.

Sure, they drive you nuts sometimes! So do mine!

… but a cough that stays around too long or 103° (39°C) fever spike cures all of that parenting frustration in an instant right?

Acanthosis nigricans is most commonly found in children with high blood insulin levels, a condition often associated with kids who are overweight or obese or have diabetes. (Source: kidshealth.org_

What about the realization that its not just “baby fat” and it isn’t going away no matter how much sport and exercise you have her doing? (Doc, its not working!!) Or when you notice that patch of unusually dark skin behind his neck?


My Vision to Eradicate Lifestyle Disease Worldwide and Restore Food Sovereignty to the World Commons (that’s all of us!) by 2050 will only be possible if we collectively focus on them. We are gonna play the long game. Here’s the plan:

Phase 1: Right Now 2019You invest in team coaching for you and your children to change the way they think, respond to, choose and consume food NOW while they are still being shaped into future adults.

Phase 2: 2030 (11 years from now) – Our kids are entering adulthood. The work we have done has not only reshaped them individually, but we have reshaped an entire generation and the world food systems have changed in response to the change in demand.

Phase 3: 2050 (31 years from now) – Mission accomplished! Our kids are now in their 30’s and 40’s, living a well-nourished life above the junk, enjoying a sovereignty over their food supply that we never had, and raising their children the only way they know how – the Really Nourish way! We are vibrant seniors who have no need for prescription drugs and can still rock a dance floor. I call that a WIN-WIN all around!!

I’m looking for fellow parents who are ready to accept the challenge to shape a new parent generation that can take credit for ending childhood obesity. Who do you know?

The Really Nourish Experience™:

If you would like to have me work with your family on a private basis to reshape your food life for sustainable weight loss for you and your children, Click Here to book a call with me today!

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    1. I agree. God created a simple diet for us. We waste so much time and money to find the “right one.” This is great information. Thank you for illuminating God’s food plan. This is great information.

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