A Ministry of Patience🌛🕛🌱

Gardening this way has given me a deeper understanding of Ecclesiastes 3. There is, indeed, a season to everything, a time to every purpose under heaven. When we submit to that timing, we are in harmony with creation.

Les Serres (The Greenhouses)

Reutilise les boutille plastique

Le fléau de la terre biologique

Comme des petits serres pour mes grains

Gloire au seigneir de les mettre dans mes main

The Faith Garden: Evolution

Currently Reading📚: Guerilla Gardening by, on loan from from the 
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Prison Residents Suffer Nutritional Abuse

An excerpt from The Food Revolutionary Strategy Handbook, a work in progress by the author.  From what I learned both in and outside of history classrooms in school, slaves were treated with a great deal of cruelty, including being subjected to food that was low in nutritional value and high in fats and starches[1], which…

The Faith Garden Phase One: Germination

OK, so It’s been almost 4 months since I posted The Faith Garden: Part 1 on The Really Nourish Movement YouTube station, and I’m finally at a stage where I am ready to start this thing! For a couple of months over the summer I had a bit of garden training in an already existing…

My Body Devo Day 7: Use Your Ruler 📏📐

Here’s a piece of practical advice from the book of Proverbs that you can start using today. It’s the first verse of the 23rd chapter. 📌“When you sit down to eat with a ruler, Consider carefully what is before you;” Proverbs 23:1 NKJV When I first read this I shifted the comma in my mind….

The Faith Garden Part 1

We are enslaved if we must rely solely upon our jobs, money, supermarkets and agribusiness to eat.  Thank God for His (yes, it’s His) system of seed time and harvest that never ceases.  We can all grow at least some of our own food.  You will start small but you will want to grow more…

My Body Devo Day 6: Trust No One 😕

Yes, it’s an ominous title, my friend, but it fits this very relevant, universal message.  It’s time to get into the meat of things – pun intended – the road to a better food life.  That narrow, hard road, that leads to life abundant according to His promise is so hard because we have trusted…

My Body Devo Day 5: The War Council🍅⚔

Blessed uprising my friend! Today’s step in the journey will be brief. It’s about getting the support you need. Now that you are ready embark on the journey to divine health and a renewed life, that which God intended for you, it is time to build your support team.  There are a goodly number of…