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The word of God applies in all areas of our lives, even (perhaps especially) in the area of our food.  In fact, a very strange dichotomy of most people’s approach to food is that in spite of the prominence the subject gets in The Bible, the attitude towards eating is generally driven by our desire to have dominion.  Unfortunately, we don’t, as 20180814_132431there are higher earthly powers that make over-reaching decisions about how our food is sown, grown and distributed before we walk into a grocery store or restaurant, so what is available is actually outside of our control.    As a result, even the most diligent Christians are struggling where their nourishment is concerned.  Millions of people are paying a dear price in the form of ill health and lack of nourishment.  Thanks be to God His word has the solution to all those problems!

Here’s my latest project: The Global Food Regime – A Modern Day Tower of Babel:

In Psalm 81, the Lord pleads with his people to listen to His voice.  Since ministries are generally not addressing this subject, and millions are still trapped in the global diabesity pandemic not knowing how to get out, the Lord has called on me to stand in the gap by inspiring me to study His word and also what scientists and other world experts have to say on food and eating and to apply my God-given gifting as a teacher and speaker .

Complete the form below to request me for an upcoming event, or you can send me an email today at or reach me on WhatsApp at 868-792-5408 to enquire further.

I cover a range of topics, including:

  • Strategies on how to use biblical principles change your food life to improve your health,
  • Food Sovereignty from varying perspectives,
  • Food import dependency in Trinidad and Tobago,
  • The reality of the global food system and its effects on our food choices and health,
  • How and why to bring your children on a Food Life Evolution journey,
  • Donating a Kidney
  • What an individual can do to help make changes
  • My Life in an Urban Food Desert (about being a “whole foods plant based” single mother on food stamps in New York City) Hear my poem: White Card Blues

If you like, I use visual aids to give compelling presentations that listeners will remember and be blessed by.

Here’s a webinar I conducted in November 2017 based on my upcoming book Securing Our Birthright:

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Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.

3 John 2:2 NKJV